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What to See Canada

Best Places to go Surfing in Canada

Surf's Up in Montreal on the standing wave in the Saint-Lawrence River!

Best surfing in Canada: the standing wave in the Saint-Lawrence River (Photo: Pedro fait de la photo)

When brainstorming different things to do in Canada, surfing probably only comes to mind if you’re on the east or west coast. Apparently, that should’t be the case—at least not according the Red Bull Canada, who recently published its list of the top surf spots in the country. We were surprised that some of the entries on the list are located in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, a newbie or an experienced tide rider, check out the waves at these amazing Canadian locales.

Canada’s Top Surf Spots [RED BULL]
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The Best 8 New Summer Attractions in Canada

Best New Summer Attractions Awards 2013: Calgary

Best New Summer Attractions Awards 2013: A shot of Calgary’s winner

Each year, the editors of Where from across Canada release their picks for the summer’s most anticipated attractions. Winners of the Best New Summer Attractions Awards could be brand new, significantly improved, or celebrating major milestones. From graceful sports temples to rich explorations of science and history, this year’s coast-to-coast list offers a set of thrilling diversions for travellers planning their summer vacations in Canada.

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19 of Canada’s Most Unusual Museums


Canada’s Most Unusual Museums: the world-famous Gopher Hole Museum (Photo: Colin Smith)

Did you know that Vancouver has an entire museum devoted to corkscrews, that diehard Anne Murray fans can devour every detail of her life and record a CD with her in Nova Scotia, or that a tiny town called Vulcan in the Alberta Prairies is home to a Star Trek–themed tourist “station”? From the über-Canadian to the downright kooky, these unusual, one-of-a-kind and just plain weird museums earn the moniker “cabinet of curiosities”.

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Canada's 25 Most Awe-Inspiring Oversize Roadside Attractions

Mac the Moose—no relation to Mack the Knife (Photo: Matt Boulton)

Mac the Moose of Moose Jaw—no relation to Mack the Knife (Photo: Matt Boulton)

In the competitive field of World's Largest attractions, there are definite trends: moose, bison and other roaming animals are in abundance, same with fish and birds. Oversized sports equipment or tools are the de-facto if your town has a historical agenda, and, of course, everyone loves a nod to the thing everyone can identify with: money. (more…)