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Water’s Wonders: Canadian Rockies Glaciers, Rivers, Falls and Lakes

Your summer playground

By Afton Aikens

For many visitors—and locals on a staycation—the Canadian Rockies are synonymous with big mountain skiing, hiking to pristine alpine lakes and countless other outdoor pursuits like canoeing and fishing on waterways surrounded by towering peaks.

Photo: Bow Lake, Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Paul Zizka Photography

Photo: Bow Lake, Banff Lake Louise Tourism / Paul Zizka Photography

While we’re far from the coast, much of the lifestyle here revolves around water. We glide on it, we climb its frozen form, and yes, we swim in it (for a short window during summer). We photograph and admire its beauty.


Hot Art: The ROM Gets Wet

Cichlid Fish are among the live creatures displayed at the ROM's Water exhibition

MARCH 5 TO SEPTEMBER 5 Water is vital to the existence of all life on earth; it makes sense that we humans, as its primary beneficiaries, should endeavour to understand its myriad properties and uses. The Royal Ontario Museum embraces our blue planet with an exhibition dedicated to this life-sustaining substance. Ambitious in scope, the show offers visitors numerous ways to think about H2O—as nature’s unifying essence, as an at-risk resource, as a hotly contested commodity—and its importance to both the natural world and human affairs. There’s also a flood of interactive elements such as walk-through dioramas and live displays of assorted creatures, including cichlid fish, frogs, a gila monster and more.