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Victoria attractions

10 Ways to Celebrate Autumn in Victoria

Things get Spooky at Galey Farm
While Victoria earns deserved accolades for its early spring and easy-living summer, the Island’s long, easy transition to fall has a beauty all its own. Here are excellent opportunities to fall for a Victoria autumn.

Fisherman’s Wharf – Victoria, British Columbia


Victoria Fisherman's Wharf

Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf (Photo: Totororo.Roro)

The magnitude of vibrancy displayed through this colourful scene of Victoria’s Fisherman’s Wharf is so perfectly captured in Totororo.Roro’s photograph, it has us wishing we were there. The wharf is home to many different dining stands, marine tours and residents; it’s a floating playground for seafood lovers dream and a photographers. We chose this photo because it displays various types of techniques and colours, and it uses optimal framing to ensure that the each level adds something unique to the photo.

Submit your Canadian travel photo to our Flickr Group and we will consider it for inclusion in our Photo Friday series on Where.ca! We’ll credit you and link to your photo.

20 Things to Do With Kids in Victoria

Things to Do WIth Kids in Victoria

Things to Do WIth Kids in Victoria: boys play at the Maritime Museum of BC, #5 on our list (Photo: roy.luck)

Entertaining kids in an unfamiliar city is never easy. For your next family trip to Vancouver Island, our local travel experts have made it easy on you by putting together this list of 20 wonderful things to do with kids in Victoria. There are activities here for every kind of young traveller, from the the science lover (see #1 and #4) to the adventurer (see numbers #13 and #20) to the sports nut (#17 and #9). There are more than enough things to do with kids in Victoria to keep the little ones engaged—and maybe even spark the interest of a few adults. Come explore!

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The Best Victoria Beer: A Beer-Lover’s Guide to Victoria’s Top Brewpubs and Beer Tastings

Victoria Beer

Victoria Beer: a set of pints served up at Canoe Brewpub (Photo: sashafatcat)

Think Victoria is best known for its afternoon tea? Think again! For the last decade, the Victoria beer scene has been expanding at a exponential rate. The burgeoning craft brewing industry has been earning rave reviews across North America, blending the finest traditional practices with local recipes and seasonal ingredients. For all lovers of beer, Victoria has become a destination city—so much so that we decided to compile a guide to the greatest ways to sample Victoria’s best beer.

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Free Things to Do in Victoria: 20 Activities That Will Cost You $0

Free Things to Do in Victoria

Free Things to Do in Victoria: visit the Fisherman’s Wharf (Photo: Madeleine_H)

Among the things to do in Victoria, the world-class attractions are worthy of a prominent place on your travel itinerary—Butchart Gardens, say, or the Royal BC Museum. For visitors on a budget, however, there are plenty of free things to do in Victoria. Here are some of our $0 favourites:

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Canada’s Best New Summer Attractions Awards 2012

Each year, the editors of Canada’s Where magazines release their top picks for summer’s most anticipated attractions. Winners of the Best New Summer Attractions awards could be brand new, significantly improved, or celebrating major milestones.

From adrenaline-pumping roller-coaster rides to rich explorations in science and history, this year’s coast-to-coast list offers a set of thrilling diversions for travellers planning their summer vacations in Canada.

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