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Have a Travel Complaint? Forget Customer Service—Tweet It


Travel companies may have dedicated customer service lines and e-mail addresses, but increasingly it seems that posting a complaint to a social media outlet gets the fastest and most effective results. (more…)

To Book a Flight, Just Tweet “Buy”


Photo: TweetAFlight.com

Has this happened to you? See a flight sale on Twitter, click through to the airline’s Web site only to find it sold out—or that that advertised sale is mysteriously missing. With a new Twitter add-on you can take advantage of tweeted sales immediately and directly, simply by replying “Buy” to the tweet. (more…)

Eat St.: Find a Food Cart With This App

The rise of the food cart as a gourmet eatery continues, although in Canada, Toronto feels dismally behind the rest of North America compared to Vancouver. For all of you who gastronomical explorers looking for the closest cuisine on the go, the Eat St. app will use your location to link you in to nearby food carts. Click on the individual suggestions and you’ll be given a map, a link to their Twitter, a menu, their hours and a profile that may link to the food cart’s website or Facebook in case you want more info. You can also “like” carts so that other users will know they’re popular, or add a cart if you don’t see it listed.

Keep in mind when searching for nearby carts, many of these aren’t stationary, they’re on the move around the city, so it’s best to use the link to the cart’s twitter feed where the most up-to-date location info is usually posted.

Eat St. also has its own show on the Food Network airing Fridays at 9:00 p.m. EST/PST, which checks out food carts all over North America.

The app: Eat St.
Cost: Free
Where to buy: The iTunes Canada App store.

WheresAndrew and ReidonTravel, on travelling within Canada

Andrew Evans on an Ontario lake. Photo: Brian Gratwicke

Two notable writers from major travel publications have been traipsing throughout our home and native land recently. Andrew Evans (@WheresAndrew in the Twitterverse) is National Geographic Traveler’s Digital Nomad. He toured Ontario exclusively for the past month, Tweeting, vlogging and blogging his findings along the way. (more…)

Introducing WHEREBLOG: Our guide to Canadian travel

Above: A photo of Indian Harbour, Nova Scotia. Photo credit: Dennis Jarvis.

Welcome to Where Canada’s new blog! We’re really excited to launch some new features, including roundups of relevant travel news, fabulous restaurants and cool accommodations; interviews with interesting people who have travelled across our home and native land to inspire and inform you; and guides to the best road trips our vast country has to offer.