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TripAdvisor’s New Local Picks Facebook App


Local Picks screenshot

Facebook and TripAdvisor have teamed up to launch a Facebook-hosted restaurant app called Local Picks. The app is meant to highlight neighbourhood favourites as rated and reviewed on TripAdvisor by locals from the area you’re searching and covers more than 850,000 restaurants worldwide. (more…)

TripAdvisor Critic To Rate Travel Review Sites for Authenticity


Not KwikChex's rating system

Back in September of 2011, KwikChex, an organization providing “reputation” services to businesses in the UK, took on TripAdvisor’s “reviews you can trust” slogan and won. Now KwikChex is launching its own rating system that ranks travel-review sites on a one- to five-star system, according to how reputable the reviews on the site are. (more…)

TripAdvisor Says Proving Reviews are Legit is an Unrealistic Expectation

Travel website TripAdvisor launched a verbal counter-attack against a ruling last week by the British Advertising Standards Authority that prohibits the UK website from claiming its reviews are from trusted travellers. (more…)

TripAdvisor UK Can No Longer Claim Its Reviews are Trustworthy

TripAdvisor.co.uk's hotel search page

TripAdvisor has been caught in the crosshairs again in the UK. The British Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the travel website’s claims such as “more than 50 million honest travel reviews and opinions from real travellers” are misleading and must be removed.

Reason being that, frankly, some of TripAdvisor’s user reviews can’t be trusted. (more…)

For Hotel Guests, Wi-Fi is King of the Amenities

The importance of Wi-Fi Internet access according to U.S. travelers. (PRNewsFoto/TripAdvisor)

Wi-Fi was reported to be the most important hotel amenity by travellers who participated in a recent TripAdvisor survey. After Wi-Fi, the most important amenities in the eyes of travellers were:

  • free breakfast
  • guest loyalty points
  • restaurant
  • shuttle to area attractions and airports (more…)

Leading Hotel Chains Adding Online Guest Reviews to Websites

Hilton is planning to add customer reviews to its website by the end of 2012 (Photo: Hilton Vancouver Airport)

Back in October, Starwood Hotels started including guest reviews on its website and since then, Marriott has done the same. Now it seems that Hilton, Radisson and the world’s largest hotel group, InterContinental, will also feature guest reviews on their sites. (more…)

The Sexy Lady Fakeout and Other Hotel Pet Peeves

Minibar fees: one of the things Oyster.com hates about hotels

It’s the conundrum of the hospitality world: stay at a Holiday Inn and you surf the Internet for free; stay at a luxury hotel and you’re charged a per diem for Wi-Fi.

What’s the deal?


Starwood Hotels Introduces Online Guest Reviews

Guests can now review W hotels and other Starwood properties online (Photo by hkpuipui99)

In a first for a hotel company of its size, Starwood Hotels—whose brands include Sheraton, Westin, Le Meridien and W Hotels—launched a guest review function on its websites last week that allows guests to post comments, both good and bad, about their stay. Reviews are publicly visible on each hotel’s website and can also be shared on Twitter and Facebook. (more…)

Tripadvisor Readers Choose Top Canadian Destinations

BC's Tofino was voted the top Canadian beach by Tripadvisor readers. Photo by Jesse Edmonds.

Yesterday Tripadvisor released its 2011 Travelers’ Choice awards, choosing the top destinations (by country or continent) for hotels, food and wine, beaches, and family travel, in addition to ranking the top 25 destinations in the world. (more…)

TripAdvisor Ditches “Reviews You Can Trust” Slogan

Photo by chrisinplymouth

Travel giant TripAdvisor has removed the well-known “reviews you can trust” tagline from its website, following an investigation by the independent UK advertising regulatory firm, the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA). The investigation was prompted by allegations by online brand watchdog KwikChex that up to 10 million hotel and restaurant reviews on the site were fake. Hotel and restaurant owners approached KwikChex amid a brouhaha worldwide claiming defamatory and paid positive reviews appear on the website. KwikChex has also lodged a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

The UK’s Daily Mail reported that the slogan was replaced with “reviews from your community”, but our visit today to TripAdvisor’s US and UK sites, www.tripadvisor.com and www.tripadvisor.co.uk, found no slogan at all. On the other hand, slogans on TripAdvisor.ca and TripAdvisor.au read, respectively, “World’s most trusted travel advice” and “Get the truth. Then go.” TripAdvisor claims that changes to its slogans are unrelated to the investigation and are rather part of ongoing evolution at the company.

For more, go to www.telegraph.co.uk and www.dailymail.co.uk.