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travel tuesday

Interview with Kristen Sarah of Hopscotch the Globe

Toronto-based travel blogger and actress Kristen Sarah started her blog, Hopscotch the Globe, two years ago, after she already had quite a bit of global travel under her belt. She’s added more than a dozen countries to her list since then, has logged more than a year of combined travel time and spent 10 months travelling the world non-stop in 2011.

Her videos may be what most differentiates Kristen’s blog from other travel diaries. As an actress, she’s a natural performer and posts comedic, informational travel videos every week. In her So You Want to Travel the World video series she shares tips on round-the-world travel, like how to budget for a round-the-world trip (while still eating five meals a day) and what to pack—in which she amazingly fits everything into a single carry-on. (more…)

Meet Travel Writer Mariellen Ward of BreatheDreamGo

Read a bit of Mariellen Ward’s blog BreatheDreamGo and you quickly realize this is not your average travel blog. She specializes in the transformational and meaningful aspects of travel. Her own travel awakening came with the fulfillment of a lifelong dream in 2005: six months travelling in India, which she says completely changed her life, and she now refers to India as her “soul culture”. One of those life changes was the evolution of her career from corporate writing and editing to travel writing and editing. (more…)

Canada’s Aventure Couple: Deb and Dave of the Planet D

Dave and Deb at Everest Base Camp

Married couple Deb and Dave were working hard in the Toronto film industry and squeezing in the annual two-week Caribbean or European vacation when they were bitten by the adventure travel bug on a trip to Thailand in 2000. They started pursuing more adventures at home and on the road, and three years later sold their home and most of their belongings to travel Southeast Asia for eight months. (more…)

Confessions of a Quitter: Ayngelina Brogan of Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina in Guatemala

In honour of Valentine’s Day, today we talk with a travel blogger who left love behind to follow her heart.

At 31, Canadian east coast native Ayngelina Brogan left her boyfriend, career, apartment and friends behind to travel Central and South America and fulfill a decade-long dream. She started her blog, Bacon is Magic, in 2010 to document her travels and the transformational effect it had on her life. (more…)

Talking Travel with Lisa Ng and Wendy Kam Marcy of the Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide

The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide is a lifestyle website “dedicated to the busy city girl”. Authors Lisa Ng and Wendy Kam Marcy started the site two years ago. Aimed at city gals, it focused on food and shopping in their native Toronto, Ontario. They’ve since started to dwell more on travel, posting trip reports and travel advice for their readers, whom they call HUGs (Hip Urban Girls). (more…)

Vawn Himmelsbach and Tanya Enberg of Chic Savvy Travels

Vawn and Tanya, of Chic Savvy Travels, in Toronto

Authors and co-founders of Chic Savvy Travels: A Backpacker’s Guide for Grown-Ups, Vawn Himmelsbach and Tanya Enberg use their website as a platform to tell women (and savvy men) the world over that it’s never too late to embark on an adventure, even after exceeding the stereotypical backpacking age. (more…)

Meet Toque & Canoe, aka Jen Twyman and Kim Gray

Kim (left) and Jen (right) interviewing Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi

First things first. A toque is a winter hat, known as such only in Canada. The canoe was recently declared one of the seven wonders of Canada. So it stands to reason that Kim Gray and Jennifer Twyman would call their Canadian travel website Toque & Canoe. (more…)

Travel Tuesday Q&A with Crooner Matt Dusk

Juno-nominated Canadian singer/songwriter and arranger Matt Dusk has been likened to Sinatra by reviewers. His 2007 debut album, Two Shots, achieved gold status. Though his suit-and-tie-clad public persona and self-described role as a “jazz-popp musicologist” might suggest someone who takes himself über-seriously, Matt is surprisingly laid-back and isn’t afraid to mix it up with his music: throwing a techno beat behind a crooning-style song or mixing Motown and ballroom on his most recent album, Good News. Born in Toronto, where currently lives, Matt has seen most of Canada while touring, with the exception of the Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Newfoundland. (Attention NL concert promoters: Matt wants to hear from you!) Recently, Matt carved some time out of his busy schedule to talk travel with Where.ca.

While on tour you spend maybe one or two nights in a city. Are you able to get out and see the places where you’re performing?
To be honest, there NEVER is enough time. Canada is HUGE and it usually takes 8 hours to go between major urban centres. So when you do a show on Monday, you’re on the bus overnight and in the next place on Tuesday. I’ve been coast to coast (almost) numerous times, and I have to say that Canada is one of the most beautiful countries, period.

What place or experience has stood out for you while travelling in Canada? Anything that has surprised you about your own country?
Recently while travelling from Calgary to Vancouver, we were making our way through the mountains, and became engulfed in a traffic jam…in the middle of nowhere. There were a bunch of goats that decided it would be a GREAT idea to camp out in the middle of the road and have a goat party or whatever they do. I thought this only happened in the movies…and in Europe!


Travel Tuesday Q&A with Photojournalist Kirsten Murphy

Kirsten Murphy is a self-taught photojournalist based in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories. She travels around the north as a regular contributor for Up Here magazine and a sometime host and producer for CBC. A recent trip to Ivvavik National Park in the Yukon was featured in the Globe and Mail. Her work has also appeared in Maclean’s and the National Post, in Frommer’s guidebooks and on CBC.ca. She’s excited about working on a book about northern dogs and a photo essay about emerging chicken farms in Hay River, Northwest Territories. (more…)

Travel Tuesday Q&A with Travel Writer Robin Esrock

Robin looking travel-writerly in the Canadian Rockies.

You may know Robin Esrock from any of about a zillion places. This busy travel writer and TV producer is all over the map, literally. He writes regular columns for the Globe & Mail, Outpost magazine, and Sympatico.ca; he is the co-host of Gemini-nominated TV show Word Travels airing in more than 100 countries (on OLN and CityTV in Canada); has a web-video production company; and is currently developing an adventure TV show and writing a book about Canada to be published in 2012. He also manages to find time to travel (he’s been to 10 countries already in 2011), write articles for newspapers and magazines around the world; and keep his website, www.moderngonzo.com, up to date with tales of his most recent exploits. Obviously, Robin is someone who has taken carpe diem to the extreme. We stole a bit of his time last week to ask him how he does it.

First of all, where are you right now?

In an airport, as usual. I’m sitting outside Gate 50 in Edmonton waiting for my flight back to Vancouver, where I’ll have one day at home before jetting off to Kauai.

After growing up in South Africa and living in London, why did you choose to move your home base to Vancouver?

When I was at university in South Africa, I shared a house with four girls, one of whom was a Vancouverite. She would talk about the mountains, sea and forest, and I remember thinking, wow, what a cool place to live! My group of friends decided we wanted to leave Johannesburg and settle somewhere a little less…intense. I suggested Vancouver. One of us came over to check it out and had glowing reports. I was living in London at the time, feeling like I needed some fresh air. I found plenty of that in Vancouver.


Interview with Gregg Tilston, Global Social Media Leader, of Flight Centre

Gregg Tilston, of Flight Centre, skiing in Big White. Photo: Gregg Tilston

Gregg Tilston is the Global Social Media Leader for the travel agency, Flight Centre. In overseeing the strategy for regional Social Media specialists (in countries such as Australia, South Africa and England), he is constantly on the go and plugged in.  In fact, he conducted this interview from Brisbane, Australia! We tapped into his life as a business traveller and his tips on exploring Canada.


Travel Tuesday – Interview with Dylan Lowe of The Grand Canadian Hitchhike

Dylan Lowe of The Grand Canadian Hitchhike. Photo: Dylan Lowe

Dylan Lowe, also known in blogger circles as The Traveling Editor, is no stranger to hitchhiking.  He’s managed to travel his way through Morocco, Spain, New Zealand and Germany by the kindness of others.  His current expedition is the Grand Canadian Hitchhike where he has hitched his way through each province from Vancouver to Ontario, and is continuing east to Halifax.  We were able to prod Dylan away from the road for a few minutes to ask him a few questions about his journey.