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travel tech

iPads on Planes? In-Flight Ban on Portable Electronic Devices Under Review


The dream of using your smartphone or iPad on planes to browse the Web during long runway delays could become a reality—at least in the U.S—as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reviews aircraft policies on portable electronic devices. (more…)

Travellers Would Rather Lose Wedding Ring than Mobile Device


Photo: DG Jones

In a new poll by Intel, more than 50 per cent of those surveyed said they’d feel anxious travelling without their mobile devices and more than 75 per cent said they’d rather lose their wedding ring than their laptop or tablet. (more…)

Solar-Powered Plane Makes First Successful Intercontinental Flight


© Solar Impulse | Jean Revillard

Can we say goodbye to jet fuel in the future? Well, that might be a long way off but at least there’s hope of a less-polluted travelsphere given last week’s first ever intercontinental flight by a solar-powered plane. (more…)

Our 5 Favourite Free Mobile Weather Apps


“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

—Mark Twain

Weather is one of those great equalizers: it affects everyone, everywhere. So it stands to reason that there are tons (heaps and piles, actually) of weather apps to choose from. We’ve waded through to find our favourites for Canadian travellers.

See the app reviews. »

18 Novel Travel Inventions, from Innovative to Odd


The AirTrain brings clean air to train travel through the power of plants

You may not need a laptop kitchen, a suitcase that doubles as a scooter or an underwater camera the size of a strawberry, but they’re out there nonetheless. Ranging from ingenious to befuddling, these travel-minded products are undeniably fun to peruse. (more…)

Best Apps for Budget Travel


From left: Gas Price Finder, KAYAK Mobile, Wi-Fi Finder

After polling a few tech-savvy budget travellers, we’ve rounded up the five most useful budget travel apps to use while on the road. And, of course, being true penny-pinching apps, all of them are free! (more…)

What Google’s “Project Glass” Glasses Can Do for Travel


Photo courtesy of Google

This month, Google released a video of how its much-hyped, prototype-stage augmented reality glasses might work. (And apparently, sunglasses company Oakley is working on something similar, only better-looking according to its CEO.) Google’s video follows the wearer’s point of view as he uses voice-operated commands to text and call friends; receive alerts that friends are nearby; save reminders; upload and send images; check maps and transit service updates; and share what he’s seeing via video-chat.

For travellers, a tool like this could change the way we explore and record our travels. You could, for instance: (more…)

Want to Avoid Canadian Roaming Fees? Turn Off Your Phone


Remember these? Might be cheaper than using your cell phone while travelling (Photo: Friscocali)

Getting hit with a huge cell phone bill after your vacation is a real bummer, and it happens more than it should, to Canadians in particular. We have some of the most expensive roaming rates in the world. Rates which “have no relation to what it costs to provide the service,” John Lawford, counsel at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, told a reporter at Postmedia News. (more…)

Better Than the Best Travel Inventions of All Time


Do we need travel adapters and converters when we have portable fuel cell chargers? (Photo: PowerTrekk)

This week, USA Today published a story on the 10 Best Travel Inventions of All Time. The picks are obvious (jet plane, for example), but true. Still, we think some better inventions have cropped up—or are coming soon—that improve on these basics. (more…)

Cowbird: From Journaling to Journalism


Cowbird works well as a platform for sharing travel stories and photos (Screenshot: Cowbird.com)

Sites that help you share trip photos and map favorite places are a dime a dozen. But Cowbird, a new diary platform with a global eye, could help you hone trip tidbits into travel journalism.


4 Tips for Offline Map Access with Mobile Devices


From left to right: Nokia Maps, PDF Maps, Galileo

You can avoid most data-roaming charges by downloading a good Wi-Fi finder. But being out of range will render the Google Maps function on your Apple device useless.

To access offline maps you have a few options—besides, you know, carrying around an actual map. (more…)

Flirt En Français (and 9 Other Languages) with TripLingo Romance Edition

You’re on vacation in Quebec and you’ve caught the eye of the cutie across the bar—and now he’s coming over to talk. Can you maintain a witty flirtation in a foreign tongue? With the fun TripLingo Romance Edition app it’s at least worth a try. (more…)