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travel gear

Travel in Comfort: 12 Carry-On Accessories to Keep You Healthy En Route


Ever finished your flight, road trip or train ride less than refreshed and not so much ready for your vacation as you are for a nap? (more…)

Beach- and Cruise-Worthy Resort Wear

Photo by Carlos Mendoza

Yesterday we shared our hottest summer destinations to book now. Today, we’ll refer you to FashionMagazine.com on what to wear (emphasis on bright, retro separates) and how to wear it.

Get cracking on your summer vacation wardrobe (you eager beaver, you!) or gear up for a tropical winter getaway.

See the slideshow (FashionMagazine.com).

7 Fast Photo Tricks for Travellers

Photo by Darren Kirby

By Pamela MacNaughtan

These days, amateur vacation photographs can be near-pro quality. Digital cameras make auto corrections instantly, we can take a multitude of photos and instantly delete the duds and anyone has the ability to manipulate or enhance photos with imaging software.

Still, sometimes you need an effect instantly—and not all of us want to spend hours in front of a computer editing photos. Here are seven easy tricks for getting better, more creative photos while you’re shooting them. (more…)

Travel-Friendly Convertible Winter Coat for New Moms and Moms-to-Be

The M Coat can be worn as maternity outerwear and two ways pre- or post-pregnancy.

Splurging on a maternity coat can seem wasteful, prompting all sorts of makeshift winter wear and exposed-belly dilemmas. Not ideal—especially if you’re planning a “babymoon” this winter. (more…)

Our 5 Favourite Skiing Apps

By Carissa Bluestone

Skiing is a technical sport, and between snowfall sleuthing, route mapping and run tracking, even weekend warriors could use an app or two to plan their trips. (more…)

12 Stylish Suitcases You Can’t Lose on the Conveyor Belt

Recently, we overheard a woman at baggage claim relaying a sob story to an airline attendant: she had mistakenly taken the wrong suitcase and now hers was nowhere to be found. The luggage in question: a nondescript black roller exactly like 90 percent of everything ever wheeled through the revolving airport doors. (more…)