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travel gear

Cailin O’Neil, Maker and Hostess of the “Travel Yourself” Video Series

Cailin O’Neil has been away from her Nova Scotia home for 13 weeks so far this year—and she has about eight weeks of travel planned for the remaining months of 2012. That kind of schedule is just par for the course for the travel blogger, who has been sharing her adventures since 2009 through the writing at her three websites (The Taste of TravelTravel Yourself, Cailin Travels) and through her web video series, Travel Yourself.

Her business is growing—she’s recently joined forces with Ocean Entertainment to bring her talents to television—so this was the perfect time to sit down with O’Neil and ask her about where she likes to go, how she got into video-making and what gear she recommends to take on the road. (more…)

Travel Tip of the Day

In the market for a new suitcase? Consider a roller with four wheels rather than two. These suitcases roll in every direction, making them easier to navigate in tight spaces.

Give us your tips! Add a comment below or let us know on Twitter @wherecanada: #wherecanadatips.

The Hunt for the Ultimate Toiletry Case: 7 Great Finds


Tumi Voyageur Monaco toiletry bag

What makes the perfect toiletry bag? It depends a bit on how many products you travel with and how long you intend to travel, but in general, a toiletry case should have some key features:

  • waterproof
  • durable
  • has separated compartments for organization and possible spillage
  • opens up completely so you can see contents (we hate those open-from-the-top-only bags: they’re black holes)
  • can be hung on a hook, rail or doorknob
  • is as compact as possible given what it holds

Here are seven toiletry bags and cosmetics cases that meet our criteria. (more…)

Father’s Day Travel Gift Guide: 12 Ideas for Dads


A dozen dad gifts for the father who gets out of doors, out on the road or just has a penchant for travel-friendly gadgets.

Start the slideshow »


5 Must-Have Items for Your Next Family Road Trip


There are only so many times a parent can listen to the Kidz Bop version of “A Pocketful of Sunshine” without driving off the road in protest. To avoid multimedia overload, prevent meltdowns of the I-dropped-my-favourite-stuffed-animals (and my juice box, too!) variety and other en-route calamities, CanadianFamily.ca has compiled a list of five essentials for a kid-friendly road trip. (more…)

Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Travel-Lovin’ Mamas


A dozen ideas for moms who travel this Mother’s Day—no matter what her style! (more…)

18 Novel Travel Inventions, from Innovative to Odd


The AirTrain brings clean air to train travel through the power of plants

You may not need a laptop kitchen, a suitcase that doubles as a scooter or an underwater camera the size of a strawberry, but they’re out there nonetheless. Ranging from ingenious to befuddling, these travel-minded products are undeniably fun to peruse. (more…)

Keep Cool (and Warm) on Vacation with Climate-Control Clothing


Dressing for the “getting-there” part of travel can be more difficult than packing for your trip. What do you wear to prepare for chilly flights that become too warm if you’re stuck on the tarmac and for the climate you’re leaving as well as the one you’re going to? And how can you be both comfortable and stylish (more…)

This One’s for the Guys: Pack Light and in Style [video]

Luxury online menswear store MR PORTER recently released a travel issue of its monthly Journal, which included a video of three well-travelled and (need we mention?) dapperly dressed men and their packing styles.

We also found some excellent packing tips for fashionable travellers of the male persuasion (fashionistos?) (more…)

8 Easy Green Travel Tips that Make a Difference

We’ve deemed April Earth Month at Where.ca, with a series of stories all about eco-friendly, sustainable travel. Go green!


#7 - Reduce paper waste by saving maps and other travel info to handheld devices.

Sustainable doesn’t have to be synonymous with sacrifice. Here are little things you can do to reduce your impact while on the road, in the sky or on the trails. (more…)

6 Incredibly Cool Eco-Friendly Travel Accessories

We’ve deemed April Earth Month at Where.ca, with a series of stories all about eco-friendly, sustainable travel. Go green!


1. JOOS Orange, 2. Baby Bobble water bottle, 3. Hadaki Lug Around Pod, 4. Iqua Sun, 5. LUSH shampoo bar, 6. Drop Bedol Water Alarm Clock

When planning your next adventure, whether it be a weekend trip or a ’round-the-world expedition, gear up with these six eco-conscious travel accessories and reduce those carbon footprints wherever you go. (more…)

Stash Your Stuff With Hidden-Pocket Undies


Men's and women's hidden-pocket undies from Clever Travel Companion

Savvy travellers hide money in some pretty creative places: socks or shoes, bras, wrist cuffs and hats. What they don’t do is use money belts and neck pouches. Thieves have long been hip to those “security” measures.

Some enterprising folks we know have even sewn hidden pockets into their pants, bras or undies. New company Clever Travel Companion has taken the idea commercial with hidden-pocket tank tops, t-shirts, underwear and long underwear for men and women.