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travel blogs

The Best Canadian Travel Blogs Out Right Now


wise words

Wise words posted near BC’s Lake O’Hara (Photo: M.ann.n)

We love our fellow travellers and appreciate a great travel blog when we see one. With so many interesting, unique and adventurous websites on the internet, it seems only right that we pay homage to the best and the brightest. Whether you’re a backpacking nomad or a self-proclaimed culinary artist searching for travel tips about an new cuisine, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in this easy to read list of The Top 100 Canadian Travel Blogs provided by FlightNetworks travel blog ‘Let’s Roll’.


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Interview with Kristen Sarah of Hopscotch the Globe

Toronto-based travel blogger and actress Kristen Sarah started her blog, Hopscotch the Globe, two years ago, after she already had quite a bit of global travel under her belt. She’s added more than a dozen countries to her list since then, has logged more than a year of combined travel time and spent 10 months travelling the world non-stop in 2011.

Her videos may be what most differentiates Kristen’s blog from other travel diaries. As an actress, she’s a natural performer and posts comedic, informational travel videos every week. In her So You Want to Travel the World video series she shares tips on round-the-world travel, like how to budget for a round-the-world trip (while still eating five meals a day) and what to pack—in which she amazingly fits everything into a single carry-on. (more…)

Meet Travel Writer Mariellen Ward of BreatheDreamGo

Read a bit of Mariellen Ward’s blog BreatheDreamGo and you quickly realize this is not your average travel blog. She specializes in the transformational and meaningful aspects of travel. Her own travel awakening came with the fulfillment of a lifelong dream in 2005: six months travelling in India, which she says completely changed her life, and she now refers to India as her “soul culture”. One of those life changes was the evolution of her career from corporate writing and editing to travel writing and editing. (more…)

Meet Rebecca Bollwitt of Vancouver Blog Miss604

Perhaps better known as Miss 604, Rebecca Bollwitt is a prolific Vancouver-based blogger who clues her readers into daily happenings in and around Vancouver, writes about short getaways from the city and shares interesting tidbits about the Vancouver’s history (including daily city archives photos).

She’s been at it since 2004 and in that time has been voted one of BC’s Top 100 Women of Influence by the Vancouver Sun and received various accolades for her blog, including Best Vancouver Blog by local weekly the Georgia Straight for three years in a row.

Rebecca also operates a WordPress design and development firm, sixty4media, and has written a book, Blogging to Drive Business, being released in its second edition this fall. (more…)

Meet Kelly and Lee of Global Goose Travel

Kelly and Lee of Global-Goose.com at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland

Kelly Dunning and Lee Carter set out from their respective homes (she from Canada and he from the UK) to see other parts of the world in 2009, met in New Zealand and eventually decided to make a nomadic life together, working on the road and living “with no other possessions than the ones that we carry in our backpacks”. (more…)

Meet Food Writer and Photographer Melody Fury of GourmetFury.com

Vancouverite Melody Fury is serious about food, and cocktails—though not so serious that she shies away from describing herself as a “cocktail ninja”. She started her blog, Gourmet Fury in 2009 and launched the Vancouver Food Tour in 2010. (more…)

Meet the Globetrotting Mama

Common perception is that having kids means staying in one place indefinitely. Heather Greenwood Davis figured differently, and set off on a world-travel adventure at a time when most moms with two kids in elementary school are fully entrenched in the work-to-school-to-sports/music lessons/play dates marathon. She and her husband Ish decided that their long-held dream of an around-the-world trip shouldn’t wait until retirement, and they set out last year with their two sons, ages 7 and 9 (and home-schooling curriculum), in tow. (more…)

Meet the Traveling Canucks

Four years ago, Canadian bloggers and married couple Cameron and Nicole Wears left their jobs and set out to travel the world. They ended up on the road for over a year and visited 38 countries in 12 months in 2009. Though they started their blog, Traveling Canucks, en route, they ended up posting more after they returned.

Nicole and Cameron continue to operate their successful travel blog from their home in Vancouver and though they’ve returned to “regular” jobs post-globetrotting, they still manage to do some pretty amazing trips. As they say on their site, “We go to work every day like most people—we just choose to not sacrifice travel for work, and vice versa.” (more…)

Meet Janice Waugh, the Solo Traveler

Vacationing without a companion is a foreign concept to many of us, but Janice Waugh, the Solo Traveler, challenges and inspires her readers to do just that. She shares firsthand solo travel stories and helpful advice like how to eat alone in a restaurant, how to meet people on the road, and the best destinations for solo travel. (more…)

Shut Up and Eat: From the Mouth of a Montreal Food Blogger

Montreal native Jason is an amateur food critic who reviews Montreal restaurants for his entertaining and very funny (okay, and occasionally raunchy) blog, Shut Up and Eat. (more…)

Canada’s Aventure Couple: Deb and Dave of the Planet D

Dave and Deb at Everest Base Camp

Married couple Deb and Dave were working hard in the Toronto film industry and squeezing in the annual two-week Caribbean or European vacation when they were bitten by the adventure travel bug on a trip to Thailand in 2000. They started pursuing more adventures at home and on the road, and three years later sold their home and most of their belongings to travel Southeast Asia for eight months. (more…)

Confessions of a Quitter: Ayngelina Brogan of Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina in Guatemala

In honour of Valentine’s Day, today we talk with a travel blogger who left love behind to follow her heart.

At 31, Canadian east coast native Ayngelina Brogan left her boyfriend, career, apartment and friends behind to travel Central and South America and fulfill a decade-long dream. She started her blog, Bacon is Magic, in 2010 to document her travels and the transformational effect it had on her life. (more…)