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travel apps

5 Travel Apps You Need for 2012

Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences iPad app

By Carissa Bluestone

If your list of New Year’s resolutions is looking a little grim, add “travel more” as a goal for 2012 and beyond. These apps are will help you dream big and create a bucket list for a lifetime of journeys.

Note: Since most of these apps are heavy on the eye candy, the bigger the screen, the better; opt for tablet versions where offered.

Start the slideshow to see the apps.


5 Reasons Mobile Devices Will Dominate Travel in 2012

Photo by Mark Hunter

By Waheeda Harris

Mobile phones and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred travel accessories. A recent survey of business travellers by research firm PhoCusWright showed 84% are devoted to their smartphone as a travel tool.

Following are five ways tech will enhance your travel experience in 2012. (more…)

New App Tracks Santa’s Christmas Flight

NORAD Tracks Santa screenshot on an iPhone.

By Amanda Yiu

The countdown is on for Santa’s takeoff from the North Pole to all corners of the world, and this year you can track his amazing journey in real-time on the eve of Christmas with a new, free mobile app from NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command). (more…)

Easier, More Streamlined Flight Searches with Hipmunk and Superfly

By Carissa Bluestone

Do a flight search on websites Hipmunk or Superfly and, essentially, you get the same information that’s available from Expedia or Kayak. But both of these buzzed-about relative newcomers are tweaking the familiar flight-search formats to make them more user-friendly and customizable. (more…)

Steps to Smarter Packing: 5 Travel App Reviews

By Carissa Bluestone

The highest-rated apps—unlike apps in other categories—are often the most expensive, and there are very few good free ones. But packing incites near hysteria in some travelers, so it’s no wonder that a packing app always makes it onto “must have” lists. These apps tend to be either exceedingly simple or OCD, wherein an item like “socks” is subdivided into every category but your mood when you wear them.

Click on the images below for ratings and reviews.

Je Ne Sais What? 5 Translation App Reviews

By Carissa Bluestone

Voice-recognition software, crowdsourcing and the power of Google Translate are radically changing how we ask for the washroom around the world. There’s no way to tell how people will respond to having a yammering iPhone shoved in their faces, but when you have to tell your new francophone companion, “I am sorry that Air Canada does not respect your beautiful language”, you’ll be glad to have at least one of these apps.

Foodspotting: A Novel Way to Choose a Restaurant

Hamburger at Simpnäs Hamncafe & Kiosk. Photo by Pellesten.

The age-old question: What’s popular on the menu? We’ve all posed this question to our server at one time, only to have them reply with “Everything,” or “What do you feel like?” or simply stare at us blankly. (more…)