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train travel

VIA Rail’s Massive Layoffs: Track to the Future?


Photo: Canadian Pacific Railway

Let’s be real. In Canada, no one takes the train to get somewhere fast—or for the best price. A July weekend flight from Edmonton to Vancouver costs around $400 round-trip and takes 90 minutes. The same trip by train costs almost $100 more over 26 hours. (more…)

Once-in-a-Lifetime Trips


Dempster Highway (Photo: S. Stuart/NWTT)

What defines the ultimate Canadian adventure is a matter of individual taste, but some trips, whether due to extravagance, effort, rare glimpses of life in far-flung corners, or unremitting “The hills are alive…” catharsis, fall firmly into the once-in-a-lifetime category. (more…)

$923 Million Over Five Years Equals a Bigger, Better VIA Rail in 2011

Photo by shivapat

By Waheeda Harris

What does $923 million in funds invested in VIA Rail in 2007 and 2009 get you in 2011? A facelift that includes everything from green initiatives and new tracks to increased safety.

For the past five years, the federal government has been investing in VIA to upgrade, update and expand its service in Canada, in the single largest investment in the Canadian passenger rail company’s history.