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Will Gas Prices Affect Your Summer Vacation?


Photo: Images_of_Money

Soon enough, school will be out and road trippers will be, well, road tripping. But at a higher cost in fuel than last year, it seems.

We’re looking at record-breaking gas prices for spring across Canada—in some cases 12- to 15-per-cent increases—and cost per litre could reach $1.50 in the heat of summer. Ouch.

Currently, average prices at the pump are 7 cents higher than the average a year ago.

In the US, which is feeling the burn of oil prices even more acutely at the moment, surveyed travellers said higher prices would curb their travel plans: 44 per cent claimed it would cause them to take fewer trips.

Before the World Ends, Travellers Want to See It


Results of First Choice's "End of the World" poll (Source: First Choice)

In a recent poll, UK travel company First Choice found that if the Mayan calendar proves accurate and the world ends on December 21, 2012, most people (51 per cent) would want to spend time with family. But a healthy 22 per cent would choose travelling the world instead. Other answers included quitting work and relaxing (7 per cent), partying (6 per cent) and being charitable (1 per cent). (more…)

Internet Is Sole Vacation Planning Source for 80 Per Cent of Canadian Travellers


Have guidebooks and travel agents gone the way of the dodo? It seems so, at least for the 78 per cent of Canadian leisure travellers who say that in order to plan vacations, they use the Internet exclusively. (more…)

Two-Thirds of Business Travellers Plagued By Guilt


No one accrues loyalty program perks like business travellers, but apparently rewards come at a cost: namely, burnout, stress and, it seems, a major guilt trip.

A recent survey found that 62 per cent of business travellers feel guilty about their business trips, primarily, said two-thirds of respondents, for being away from their families or loved ones and missing important events like anniversaries or birthdays.


Americans Win “Worst Tourists” Prize from Canadians…and Americans

In a recent survey, 39 per cent of Canadians voted Americans the worst tourists—earning the U.S. the most votes of any single country.

Before you get up in arms on behalf of our neighbours to the south, it’s interesting to note that the majority of the 4,000 American respondents to the survey also voted for themselves as the world’s worst tourists. (more…)

Valentine’s Day Dining Trends

Photo by Brent Moore

Do your Valentine’s Day dinner plans follow the trends?

Surveys by leading restaurant reservations and review companies OpenTable and Zagat found that February 14 is the most hyped dining-out night per year for a reason. (more…)

Travellers Choose Loyalty Program Benefits Over Spouses

We knew that people were crazy about racking up rewards points, but we didn’t know that they’d choose these benefits over their spouses. (more…)

For Hotel Guests, Wi-Fi is King of the Amenities

The importance of Wi-Fi Internet access according to U.S. travelers. (PRNewsFoto/TripAdvisor)

Wi-Fi was reported to be the most important hotel amenity by travellers who participated in a recent TripAdvisor survey. After Wi-Fi, the most important amenities in the eyes of travellers were:

  • free breakfast
  • guest loyalty points
  • restaurant
  • shuttle to area attractions and airports (more…)

Topping Canadians’ Travel Wish Lists: Pyramids and Disney World

Photo by Tim Kelley

If you asked the average Canadian to name his or her dream vacation, what would you expect to hear? A safari in Kenya? Beach bumming in Brazil? A culinary tour of Italy?

Apparently, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark, with a notable exception: Walt Disney World is the second-most desirable attraction on Canadians’ wish lists, according to a recent poll covered in the Toronto Star on Friday.


Protecting Your Privacy on Smartphones

Photo by Alvaro Canivell

We all take precautions (hopefully) to make sure our credit cards are safely tucked away and no one sees the PIN to our bank card, but what about cell phones and smartphones? (more…)

Canada and the Social Media Travel Revolution

Photo: Rasmus Andersson

By Waheeda Harris

The planet has embraced Web 2.0: we’re on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube every day, and according to Swedish website Tripl, all this connectivity is having a major impact on the travel industry. (more…)