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80% of Travellers Use Smartphones on Trips, But Not To Book


Recent data shows that travellers are (figuratively and literally) tethered to their smartphones for trip planning and on the ground while travelling. The study, from eMarketer Inc., found that approximately 80 per cent of respondents use their mobile phone “all the time” while away. It also found that some 36.4 million Americans are expected to do travel research on their phones in 2012, with an anticipated 72 million using their phones for trip research by 2016. However, less than half of that number will, apparently, book their travel using their phone. (more…)

Travellers Would Rather Lose Wedding Ring than Mobile Device


Photo: DG Jones

In a new poll by Intel, more than 50 per cent of those surveyed said they’d feel anxious travelling without their mobile devices and more than 75 per cent said they’d rather lose their wedding ring than their laptop or tablet. (more…)

Destination Weddings Account for Nearly 25 Per Cent of All Nuptials


Photo: Todd Webber

Are you travelling to an exotic destination for a wedding this year? If you are, you’re not alone. A study from TheKnot.com, one of the top wedding Web sites in the world, reveals that 24 per cent of all 2012 weddings are destination weddings, a 4 per cent increase from 2009. (more…)

Air Canada Beats U.S. Competitors in Satisfaction Study—WestJet Not So Much


Photo: Matt Thorpe

A study just released by marketing firm J.D. Power and Associates indicates an overall decrease in customer satisfaction with “traditional” airlines in the past year and, among other data, reveals that travellers hate first-checked-bag fees and love mobile check-in. (more…)

Don’t Blow Your Travel Budget: 10 Surprising Travel Fees


Toronto's Highway 407 is notorious for its high tolls—#5 on the list of unanticipated travel fees (Photo: BigA888)

A recent study traced the hardest-to-anticipate and most unexpected fees that hotels, airlines and car rental agencies add to their customers’ bills. (more…)

News Flash: Vacations Make You Happier


Photo: Marilyn Acosta

A recent study by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reveals that people who take vacations feel…wait for it…happier, healthier and less stressed. (more…)

Leave the Kids, Take the Dog on Vacation

Photo: Lovro Rumiha

Pet owners can be a bit…obsessive when it comes to their dog/cat/iguana/hamster/labra-puggle-doodle. (Case in point.) But is choosing to spend a holiday with your dog rather than your husband or wife a new breed of crazy? (more…)

How Do You Feel About In-Flight Cell Phone Usage?


Photo: Peter Russell

Virgin Atlantic announced last week that it will join a few other pioneers (Air France, for one) in becoming one of the first airlines to allow cell-phone usage in flight. Travel Web site Skyscanner reported the results of a survey yesterday in which Britons opposed this development to the tune of nine out of ten, or 86 per cent. (more…)

No One Loves the Beach More than Canadians

Brackley Beach, PEI; photo courtesy of Tourism PEI/John Sylvester

Canadians, apparently, love beach vacations more than the average traveller: 45 per cent of Canadians said the beach was their preferred vacation destination in a recent Expedia survey, compared with 33 per cent of travellers around the globe who chose the beach as their favourite place to get away. (more…)

Take That Tax Refund and Travel


In the real world, Canadians are responsible and tuck their tax refunds ($1,506 on average in 2011) into debt payments or savings and investments, according to a BMO poll, but if they had their druthers, the majority of Canadians would spend their refund on travel, an Expedia.ca survey reveals. (more…)

Survey Names Canada’s Worst Airports


Toronto's Pearson International Airport (Photo: mgermani)

In a recent survey by Canadian travel agency FlightNetwork ranking the worst airports in the world, the raspberry for Canadian airports went to Toronto’s Pearson International. (Might the airport’s new restaurant makeover change that? Time will tell.) (more…)

Travellers Want To Be Greener But Is More Eco-Education Needed?


Signs like these at hotels seem to encourage guests to conserve (Photo: Joelk75)

In the next year, 71 per cent of of the more than 700 U.S. travellers surveyed by TripAdvisor said they intend to make more eco-friendly choices than in the past. Forty-seven per cent said they were as eco-conscious on vacation as at home. (more…)