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St Albert

Q&A with Shoshana Sperling of The Monkey Bunch

By Lindsay Shapka

Photo courtesy The Monkey Bunch

The Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival in St. Albert begins on Tuesday, May 29 and runs through June 2. One of the exiting acts swinging onto the main stage, is The Monkey Bunch, a four-piece, Juno-nominated rock ’n’ roll band from Toronto, Ontario. WHERE had the opportunity to chat with spunky, front-woman, Shoshana Sperling, and she spilled the bananas about how the group got started, where their name came from, and what inspires her performances.

According to Sperling, it all began six and a half years ago when she and, now husband, Maury LaFoy were “completely broke” and so wrote and recorded three songs to send to their nieces and nephews as Christmas gifts. To the couple’s surprise, when the kids played the music “their friends went crazy; everyone wanted a copy and then wanted more songs.” Responding to the demand, Sperling and LaFoy asked long-time friends Graham Powell and Lyle Molzan to join them, and it didn’t take long until requests for performances started rolling in from children’s charities, benefits, and folk festivals.

Photo courtesy The Monkey Bunch

Their show is a combination of unique lyrics, quirky comedy, enviro-friendly messaging, and A LOT of energy that will appeal to both kids and their parents. Sperling is determined to empower kids through her music and “let them know that even though they are small, they have a voice and people will listen.” She even let her small fans determine the name of the group! They christened them The Monkey Bunch after a fan-favourite cover they did of the song “No More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!” (more…)