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iPads on Planes? In-Flight Ban on Portable Electronic Devices Under Review


The dream of using your smartphone or iPad on planes to browse the Web during long runway delays could become a reality—at least in the U.S—as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reviews aircraft policies on portable electronic devices. (more…)

Travel Tip of the Day

Got a camera phone? Use it: Take a photo of your room number, your rental car and license plate, parking lot locator number, and anything else you might forget while out and about.

Google Maps Go Offline for Android Users


Photo: avlxyz

Google is on fire this week. First it launches Flight Search for Canadians, then it announces that its maps will be available offline for Android users. (more…)

Our 5 Favourite Free Mobile Weather Apps


“Everybody talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it.”

—Mark Twain

Weather is one of those great equalizers: it affects everyone, everywhere. So it stands to reason that there are tons (heaps and piles, actually) of weather apps to choose from. We’ve waded through to find our favourites for Canadian travellers.

See the app reviews. »

Want to Avoid Canadian Roaming Fees? Turn Off Your Phone


Remember these? Might be cheaper than using your cell phone while travelling (Photo: Friscocali)

Getting hit with a huge cell phone bill after your vacation is a real bummer, and it happens more than it should, to Canadians in particular. We have some of the most expensive roaming rates in the world. Rates which “have no relation to what it costs to provide the service,” John Lawford, counsel at the Public Interest Advocacy Centre, told a reporter at Postmedia News. (more…)

Better Than the Best Travel Inventions of All Time


Do we need travel adapters and converters when we have portable fuel cell chargers? (Photo: PowerTrekk)

This week, USA Today published a story on the 10 Best Travel Inventions of All Time. The picks are obvious (jet plane, for example), but true. Still, we think some better inventions have cropped up—or are coming soon—that improve on these basics. (more…)

New Way for Canadians to Save on Wireless Bills in the U.S.

Photo by -bengerman

Canadians pay some of the highest roaming and long-distance fees in the world, and a quick trip abroad (or even to another province), can result in wireless-bill sticker shock. With some 18 million Canadians tripping into the U.S. each year, a service that lessens these fees is bound to be popular. (more…)

5 Travel Apps You Need for 2012

Lonely Planet's 1000 Ultimate Experiences iPad app

By Carissa Bluestone

If your list of New Year’s resolutions is looking a little grim, add “travel more” as a goal for 2012 and beyond. These apps are will help you dream big and create a bucket list for a lifetime of journeys.

Note: Since most of these apps are heavy on the eye candy, the bigger the screen, the better; opt for tablet versions where offered.

Start the slideshow to see the apps.


5 Reasons Mobile Devices Will Dominate Travel in 2012

Photo by Mark Hunter

By Waheeda Harris

Mobile phones and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred travel accessories. A recent survey of business travellers by research firm PhoCusWright showed 84% are devoted to their smartphone as a travel tool.

Following are five ways tech will enhance your travel experience in 2012. (more…)

Travel and iPad Go Together

Photo by Jared Earle

By Amanda Yiu

A new study published by mobile advertising network Greystripe reveals that 67% of iPad users are frequent travelers. It also found that 91% of iPad users regularly engage with their device for travel-related activities, from booking flights to getting directions and finding the best local restaurants.

To gather the findings in the report, titled “Smartphone and Tablet Travel Insights” (PDF), Greystripe collected data from 971 iPad, iPhone (including iPod Touch) and Android users over a monthlong period. (more…)

5 Smartphone Photo Tips

An Instagram-ed image of Montreal's Tavern Le Normand. Photo by misspixels

Nothing beats the heft of an SLR lens or the cool of an artfully beat-up camera bag, but most trip photography these days consists of hastily snapped iPhone photos. A series of graphs on Flickr show that (a) the majority of the site’s photos are uploaded via the iPhone, not with digital SLRs or point-and-shoots, and (b) the iPhone beats the pants off of all other camera phones. Plus, the iPhone 5 is likely to arrive in the next few weeks; specs to be announced on Tuesday.

But no matter which operating system you pray to, there are some common tips for mastering smartphone photography:


7 Ways to Keep Your Phone Bill Low While Travelling

Photo by Attila Acs

Ever return home from a trip to an astronomical phone bill? You’re not alone. Today helpful folks at Canada’s three largest wireless companies—Bell, Rogers, and Telus—share tips on saving yourself from a case of post-trip sticker shock.

1. Know your plan…and your phone. An obvious tip, it would seem, but many a traveller ignores this advice and thus begins a world of hurt. If the information on the provider’s Web site is confusing, contact them directly before leaving. They’ll likely have suggestions specific to your device and plan. Some phones, for example, allow you to block certain e-mail accounts while you travel or set up low-res image downloads. Take advantage of features available to you. Even if you’re already on vacation, it’s not too late. Call or live-chat your provider from the road (from an open Wi-Fi network, please) to have roaming or other features added immediately.

2. Add a roaming package to your plan before you go. Data charges especially (e-mail, Web surfing, sending photos) can pile up quickly. Bell has separate U.S. and international packages.

3. Use local Wi-Fi networks whenever possible. Yes, it’s totally awesome to post that pic of a polar bear to your Facebook page a few seconds after you’ve snapped it with your iPhone, but it’s also expensive. Even if there is a charge to use an open Wi-Fi network, you’ll still pay less than the cost of roaming fees for the same usage. Be sure data roaming is off, because if the Wi-Fi signal drops, your device may revert back to using data and start charging you roaming fees.