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Q&A with Lucy Izon, Canada Cool’s Queen of Travel


Lucy Izon of Canadacool.com (Photo: Kate Pocock)

Lucy Izon knows Canadian travel. She started writing about it in 1978, when she had a youth travel column in the Toronto Star. Now, having banked 35 years and thousands of kilometres, she is one of the most respected travel media figures in the country. Izon has done everything from conduct travel writing contests to write books (Izon’s Backpacker Journal, Canadian Traveller’s Trip Planner) to design staterooms on cruise ships. These days, she devotes herself to informing the world about what makes her country interesting via her popular travel website, Canadacool.com.

We chatted with her to get a taste of the fun advice and facts that have attracted more than 48,000 followers to her Twitter feed.


The Saskatoon Berry: the Prairie Provinces’ Perfect Fruit


Photo: Tourism Saskatchewan

A favourite summer taste in Canada’s Prairie provinces, the Saskatoon berry is in season during July and August. Similar to a blueberry in size and colour, the wee berry was gathered by aboriginal people for medicinal purposes—the name comes from the Cree word mis-sask-quah-toomina—and became a staple of the diet of the early farm pioneers.

Modern science has found this purple fruit is high in antioxidants as well as vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and potassium and that it has three times more iron than raisins. Once found only at farmers’ markets or in the wild, the berry it is now the second largest crop in the three Prairie provinces after strawberries, and can be found throughout the Prairies in jam, jelly, syrup and pies as well as in a wide variety of savoury recipes.

Where and how to try Saskatoon berries:

The Riverbend Plantation in Saskatoon offers an array of gourmet treats using Saskatoon berries from its farm—you can even order Saskatoon-berry-and-buffalo pemmican online and have it shipped. If you’re in the Prairies and want to pick your own, check with the Alberta Farm Fresh Producers Association (Alberta), BuyFromtheFarm.ca (Saskatchewan) or the Prairie Fruit Growers Association (Manitoba).

Double Rainbow in the Prairies—Great Sandhills, Saskatchewan

Submit your photo to our Flickr Group to see your favourite travel shot as part of our Photo Friday feature on Where.ca! We’ll credit you and link to your photo.

Why we chose it: C’mon, now: double rainbow?! Not only did the photographer have the good sense to have a camera at the ready for this fortuitous occasion, but the composition is fantastic and the changes in lighting from left to right even more compelling than what you’d find on a perfectly sunny day. The sense of serenity from this image is overwhelming, with the rolling plains of Canada’s “middle child” province revealed in all their glory. Even overcast, the big, open skies look inviting.

Photo by Varina Crisfield

Royal Couple’s Three-Day Tour of Canada Begins Today


Photo: UK Ministry of Defence

You’ll have to be on your toes if you want to catch a glimpse of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, as they’re whisked through Canada on their three-day royal visit that kicks off today and promises to be decidedly less exciting than last year’s royal visit by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (aka William and Kate). (more…)

7 of Canada’s Most Haunted Hotels


Quebec City's Château Frontenac (Photo by HuTDoG83)

Is anything better than a good ghost story? Have your own to tell after you spend a night at one of these hotels known for their paranormal activity. After hearing creepy tales of murders, hangings and ghosts snuggling up to guests in bed, you’ll be thankful if things merely go bump in the night. Happy Halloween!

1. Fairmont Algonquin
St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, New Brunswick
The most haunted room in the 19th-century hotel is rumoured to be no. 473, where guests report seeing a weeping bride, the ghost of a woman who apparently took her own life in the room after being left at the altar. Guests have also recounted sightings of a ghostly bellhop roaming the halls. The hotel revels in its haunted history, telling campfire ghost stories and giving ghost tours. Book it.


10 Amazing Canadian Fall Vacations

Okanagan Valley ©Tourism BC/JF Bergeron

Fall is the perfect time for forest hikes, Sunday drives, wine tours and tucking into autumn harvest meals. But did you know it’s also prime polar-bear-viewing season? From our favourite foliage tours to some unexpected adventures, we’ve rounded up the best fall getaways Canada has to offer. (more…)

Favourite things to do in Saskatchewan

Andrew Konoff's favourite Saskatchewan scene, near the Box Mine at Uranium City

In his role as the Saskatchewanderer, Andrew Konoff has learned a thing or two about fun things to see and do in Saskatchewan. (Go here to read our full Travel Tuesday profile on Andrew.) Below is a list of some of his favourite activities from across Canada’s breadbasket. (more…)

Interview with Andrew Konoff, the Saskatchewanderer

Andrew Konoff scored one of the best summer jobs in Canadian travel when he was hired as the Saskatchewanderer this year. After submitting a video and online voting, Andrew was selected to travel Saskatchewan all summer, blogging about all the province has to offer at saskatchewanderer.ca. As the summer winds down, we caught up with Andrew to find out what he has loved most about his summer in Saskatchewan.