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How to Stay Safe for Hot Weather Travel


Photo: Paulo Otávio

The heat wave that has swept much of North America in the past few weeks is having some serious consequences for travellers. (more…)

Best Canadian Airport Security Catches…and Biggest Fails


Photo: kenpower

To bolster Canadians’ confidence in air travel, CATSA recently issued a press release tooting its own horn, pinpointing its top security catches of 2011. We countered that with a few not-so-impressive misses of the past year.

To be fair, though, not all of them can be attributed to CATSA. And happily, we found nothing in recent Canadian history quite as shocking as the U.S. Transportation Security Administration’s failure to notice an undeclared, loaded .38-calibur handgun in December (discovered by airline crew only after it fell out of a duffel bag being loaded onto a plane).


Will Tourists Skip Montreal Due to Student Strikes?


Photo: Tina Mailhot-Roberge

It’s been more than 100 days since students in Montreal started demonstrating against proposed tuition hikes, and this week things heated up as more than 500 protestors were arrested, bringing total arrests to anywhere from 1,000 to 2,500 (take your pick). How will all of this affect tourism in Canada’s second most popular tourist city, especially as festival season ramps up in June? (more…)

Stash Your Stuff With Hidden-Pocket Undies


Men's and women's hidden-pocket undies from Clever Travel Companion

Savvy travellers hide money in some pretty creative places: socks or shoes, bras, wrist cuffs and hats. What they don’t do is use money belts and neck pouches. Thieves have long been hip to those “security” measures.

Some enterprising folks we know have even sewn hidden pockets into their pants, bras or undies. New company Clever Travel Companion has taken the idea commercial with hidden-pocket tank tops, t-shirts, underwear and long underwear for men and women.


25 Surprising Items Allowed on Planes


It’s a no-brainer that certain items are strictly prohibited on flights: dynamite, hand grenades…you know, stuff that could blow up the plane. But we were shocked at some of the things that aren’t prohibited.


How to Avoid Vacation Rental Scams

Illustration by Widjaya Ivan

A consumer advocate blog we frequent, Elliott.org, featured a story yesterday about a women who lost $4,500 in a vacation rental scam. Because the deception was perpetrated by compromising the vacation rental owner’s e-mail via phishing—and not because the well-established home rental site itself, HomeAway.com, was compromised—the renter was out of luck. (more…)

25 Tips for Staying Healthy on Vacation

Photo by rbreve

By Kat Tancock

“Just because you are on vacay doesn’t mean you should take a vacation from your good eating habits”, says holistic nutritionist Joy McCarthy—and the same goes for exercise, sleep and the rest of your healthful routine. To avoid coming down with something during or after your trip, and to stave off the dreaded vacation weight gain, follow these expert tips for staying healthy on holiday. (more…)

Protecting Your Privacy on Smartphones

Photo by Alvaro Canivell

We all take precautions (hopefully) to make sure our credit cards are safely tucked away and no one sees the PIN to our bank card, but what about cell phones and smartphones? (more…)

Airbnb Apologizes for Ransacked Apartment

Airbnb Bedroom. (Photo: nats)

Vacation rental site Airbnb apologized to its customers via their blog yesterday for the recent vandalism of a customer’s apartment in San Francisco. (more…)