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Porter Airlines

Porter Airlines is Still King of the Island (Airport)

Free coffee and water in the lounge at the Island Airport in Toronto (Photo: Tom Purves)

When Air Canada moved back to Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport last year, flying a limited number of routes from the downtown terminal, business travellers collectively wondered if the good days were over. With multiple carriers using the island airport, would the free cappuccinos, wifi and newspapers—always provided by boutique Porter Airlines, previously the island’s only carrier—now a thing of the past?

The answer is no. On a recent flight, the departure lounge was busier than it was in former days, but it still offered all those endearing perks. And while Air Canada is there, this is still clearly Porter’s show. The airline operates the majority of flights here, and dominates the prime spots in the lounge. There have even been additions, most notably a grab-and-go sandwich and salad spot.

The bottom line: while it may be a little harder to find a seat, flying Porter from Billy Bishop is still a pleasure.

—Tim Johnson


Are Airlines Skimping on Quality to Force Us Out of Coach?


Porter Airlines lounge, which all passengers have access to (Photo: Mike Gifford)

Are we getting less for our money in economy class on airlines to make business- and first-class travel more attractive? In a New York Times article this week, columnist Joe Sharkey seems to suggest as much, saying that “most airlines are quietly hoping that poor conditions in standard coach…will motivate more business travelers to buy their way out of the sardine can.” (more…)

Porter Airlines to Offer Vacation Packages


Quebec City will be on of the new Porter Escapes destinations (Photo: Brian Negin)

Toronto-based Porter Airlines will begin offering vacation packages this year, initially to its most popular leisure-travel gateways. (more…)

WestJet Considers Launching a New Low-Cost, Regional Airline

Photo by Martin Cathrae

WestJet announced Monday that it is considering starting a low-cost airline with regional flights to smaller towns and cities across Canada as early as 2013. A Toronto Star article suggests that destinations could include British Columbia’s Cranbrook, Prince Rupert and Fort St. John; Brandon and Thompson in Manitoba; and in Ontario, Sudbury, Sarnia and Timmins. (more…)

Preferred Seating on Airlines: the Joke’s on the Customer

You'll pay more for bulkhead seating on some flights. (Photo by caribb)

An article yesterday by Peter Greenberg, travel editor for CBS News, and Scott McCartney, the Wall Street Journal’s airline industry reporter, lambasted the preferred seating plans many airlines are employing these days.


Porter Airlines Celebrates Five Years

By Waheeda Harris

Porter Airlines had its fifth birthday this past weekend, and to celebrate, awarded 140 free flights, one return trip for one passenger on every flight. (more…)