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Leave the Kids, Take the Dog on Vacation

Photo: Lovro Rumiha

Pet owners can be a bit…obsessive when it comes to their dog/cat/iguana/hamster/labra-puggle-doodle. (Case in point.) But is choosing to spend a holiday with your dog rather than your husband or wife a new breed of crazy? (more…)

Book a Homestay for Your Pet with Canine Couch-Surfing Site Dog Vacay


Photo: Cordey

A new Web site, Dog Vacay, allows you to arrange a home away from home for your dog while you’re on vacation, rather than boarding her in a kennel. (more…)

Most Pet-Friendly Airlines Revealed

Photo by Erik (HASH) Hersman

Flying with your pet can be rife with stress. Worrying about how they’ll do in their carrier or whether there’s space for them to settle in comfortably can be enough to give up on travelling together, all together.

To facilitate the process, each year Petfinder.com rates US airlines on their pet-friendly practices, and this year they’ve expanded their list to include Canadian carriers.