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Mountains of Art

Artists use uncommon techniques to capture local landscapes

By Lisa Stephens

Canadian Rockies galleries are full of mountain inspired art. Artists have always been drawn to the region to capture its rugged beauty.

According to Mountain Galleries owner Wendy Wacko, “The movement began in the 1920s with The Group of Seven, and original voices today are carrying it forward.”

While classic landscapes of lakes nestled between peaks are commonly found on gallery walls, some artists strive to express their unique visions of the mountains through original perspectives, techniques and media.

Stylistic Influences

Wacko notes three top painters in the Mountain Galleries stable who are truly original. Derived from his illustrator background, Brent Lynch’s oils have a unique perspective. “Lynch sees the world differently,” Wacko says.

Artist Brent Lynch

Artist Brent Lynch


Hot Art: The Ottawa Art Expo

Check out some fun art this weekend at the Ottawa Art Expo. Photo credit: John Mlacak.

Check out what local artists are up to at the Ottawa Art Expo. Sixty painters, photographers, and sculptors will gather from Oct. 29 to 30 to display their work (admission is free). The not-for-profit event is run by artists, and aims to extend the appreciation and purchase of art to a broader audience. Both experienced and developing artists will be present, so you can chat with them as you scope out their latest creations (and see if there’s anything that would look good on your walls at home!).