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package tour operators

Eco-Tour Operator G Adventures to Offer Canadian Tours

Photo by Rasekh Fatmi

A Canadian tour operator offering Canadian tours? It’s about time. Toronto-based adventure-tour operator G Adventures announced this week that it will add North American package tours to its roster for the first time in 2012. Nine Canadian tours are lined up for 2012, and include trips to the Canadian Rockies, Montreal and Niagara Falls, BC’s temperate coastal rainforest, the wilds of Quebec, and the Canadian Arctic.

Until December 31, 2011, G Adventures is giving a 15% discount on its North America tours booked for 2012.

G Adventures is a self-proclaimed leader in innovative travel experiences that emphasizes environmental sustainability and cultural awareness in its tours and aims to “ensure an authentic and unforgettable life-changing experience for everyone.”

Travel Tuesday Q&A with Marc Télio of Entrée Destinations

Marc Télio on a polar-bear expedition in Canada last year.

Native Montrealer Marc Télio was just 23 when he opened a travel company specializing in high-end trips to Canada and Alaska. Seventeen years later Entrée Destinations continues to offer travelers the highest standard in service and unforgettable experiences, like helicoptering into a remote lodge in Manitoba for a polar bear photo safari or cruising British Columbia’s Gulf Islands by yacht. For some of us, these spectacular tours will be filed under “Canadian inspiration”, since they don’t come cheap. But in life and in travel, as Marc says, you get what you pay for.