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Newfoundland and Labrador

Mummering: A Newfoundland Holiday Tradition

Photo courtesy of the Heritage Foundation of Newfoundland & Labrador.

By Candice Walsh

A mummer, by definition, is “a masked or costumed merrymaker, especially at a festival.” The origins of mummering are a little hazy and the tradition is scattered around the globe: the Brits refer to it as “mumming” and the Philadelphia Mummers Parade on New Years’ Day is an extravaganza of elaborate pageantry in the style of Carnival or Mardi Gras.

Newfoundland’s tradition is a little different from most, and only takes place during Christmas (the exception sometimes being Come Home Year celebrations). (more…)

4 Coffee Shops We Love in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Rocket Bakery. Photo by Matt Jiggins.

By Candice Walsh

For such a small city, St. John’s has a surprisingly large number of cafés around town. Many of them are downtown along Water Street and Duckworth Street, and each has its own distinct vibe and personality. The following are four of the best bets for espresso, light bites or a straight up cuppa joe. (more…)

Dishing with Chef Jeremy Charles of Raymonds in St. John’s, NL

By Waheeda Harris

Newfoundland is not known for its culinary prowess. The “Rock” is more often associated with its own distinct variety of caloric comfort foods like cod tongues, scrunchions (pork rind topping) and jigg’s dinner (salt beef boiled with vegetables) than with anything cutting edge.

Enter Chef Jeremy Charles, who is changing the face of Newfoundland cuisine. His Raymonds restaurant in St. John’s is imagining local mainstays in new ways: you might find smoked moose tongue on the charcuterie plate, for instance; and rather than fried with chips, cod is pan-seared and served in cassoulet with mussels, white beans and fingerling potatoes.

Raymonds was named Canada’s best new restaurant of 2011 by enRoute magazine, and Charles won second place in the 2011 Gold Medal Plates national championship. He opened Raymonds with general manager/sommelier Jeremy Bonia in 2011.


Travel Writer Candice Walsh Does Canada (and the World)

Candice Walsh is a Newfoundland-based travel blogger/writer (Candice Does the World), professional social butterfly and self-proclaimed amateur beer taster. She’s an editor for Matador Network, Newfoundland blogger for AOL Canada, and the owner of Social Media Atlantic Canada (SMAC). One of Where.ca’s Newfoundland experts, Candice has lived on “the Rock” her entire life—on all corners of the island. Her worldy travels include driving across Canada in a yellow Mazda Protegé inexplicably named Daytona Beach Bad Boy.


5 Must-Try Newfoundland Dishes


Perfectly fried fish and chips are a Newfoundland staple (Image courtesy of Ches’s Famous Fish & Chips)

You might have heard that Newfoundland has some exceptionally odd dishes. Titles like “seal flipper pie” and “fried cod tongues with scrunchions” might make you squirm in your seat. But in the past few years, the face of Newfoundland cuisine has been changing dramatically. With gourmet restaurants like Raymonds opening in St. John’s and innovative chefs like Todd Perrin staking his claim on Top Chef Canada, the Rock is quickly becoming a favourite among foodies.