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Michael Fassbender

Hot Date: Brief Encounters at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival

Kali the Little Vampire is one of many flicks at the CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival

JUNE 5 TO 10 Movies don’t have to be epic to get their point across. The CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival demonstrates this fact with nearly 250 thought-provoking abbreviated-run-time films from more than 35 countries. Each 90-minute screening session features anywhere from five to 22 flicks, including some with big names attached—Pitch Black Heist starring Michael Fassbender, for example, or the animated Kali the Little Vampire, narrated by Christopher Plummer. Also this year, the CN Tower hosts a day-long Towering Shorts series, where viewers can watch movies with the Toronto skyline as a backdrop. Various venues, $10 per screening.

TIFF 2011 Supplemental Screenings

You’ve seen our primer on the big-name stars and flicks coming to the Toronto International Film Festival. Here are five more films that didn’t make our final cut, but which ought to be on your TIFF radar.

Disaster-film director Roland Emmerich tackles Shakespeare in Anonymous

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS Count Anonymous as one of this year’s more curious festival selections. Director Roland Emmerich—best known for blowing things up good (Independence Day) and terribly (Godzilla, 2012)—brings intrigue to the theatre, literature and the Elizabethan era in a film that questions the authorship of the works of William Shakespeare.

TRUE TO LIFE Prolific director Werner Herzog (Cave of Forgotten Dreams, Encounters at the End of the World) returns to TIFF to premiere his latest, sure-to-be-compelling documentary, Into the Abyss, which probes the darkness of America’s “Death Row” in search of something resembling redemption.

Carey Mulligan stars alongside Michael Fassbender in Shame

SUPERIOR PAIR Vanguard U.K. filmmaker Steve McQueen reunites with Michael Fassbender (so electric as IRA member Bobby Sands in McQueen’s 2008 prison drama Hunger) for his sophomore feature, entitled Shame. This exploration of the nature of need and the experiences that shape us also stars Carey Mulligan.

JOYOUS PANTOMINE A major success from this year’s Cannes festival, The Artist is a love letter to the golden age of silent films in Hollywood. Silent itself, the French picture has been lauded for its emotional appeal and a sublime lead performance by Jean Dujardin as a swaggering Douglas Fairbanks-like star.

Sarah Polley helmed a bevy of hipster actors in the dramedy Take This Waltz

A LITTLE SENTIMENT Indie cred oozes from the credits of Take This Waltz. The poignant, filmed-in-Toronto love-triangle tale was written and helmed by Canadian sweetheart Sarah Polley, and stars Michelle Williams, Seth Rogen and Sarah Silverman, among others. Expect a plethora of on-the-nose music cues, too—the movie is even named for a Leonard Cohen tune.

The Silver Screen’s Biggest Stars—They’re All at TIFF 2011

For 10 glamorous days, from September 8 to 18, this city becomes a beacon for the global entertainment industry—the Toronto International Film Festival attracts cinephiles and celebrities alike with its superior slate of more than 300 movies from Hollywood and around the world.

Here, Where Toronto takes a peek at some of the most anticipated flicks of the fest, and the megastars in town to promote them.