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Interview With DobbernationLoves’ Andrew John Virtue Dobson

Dobson at a noodle house in Tokyo, Japan.

Andrew John Virtue Dobson started his blog DobbernationLoves (on Twitter: @dobbernation) after his first solo backpacking trip through Europe. The Toronto-based blogger’s day job is at Planeterra Foundation, the charitable arm of Gap Adventures, the Canadian-based travel company that hosts tours around the globe. The blog’s title is a clever play on Dobber (a nickname) and Nation (which he sees as “an authoritative stance on what I was doing and where I was going”). Dobson describes DobbernationLoves as a “lifestyle blog with an encyclopedia’s worth of information on travel, Toronto-based restaurants, cheese, wine and beer. I post consistently throughout the week all of the things I love, whether it be covering a fashion or arts based event, or some recipe I came up with over the weekend. I share whatever makes me smile.”


Interview With Travelfix Blogger Timothy Chan

Timothy Chan in India earlier this year.

Timothy Chan has traveled all over the world: India, China, Uganda, and Peru, just to name a few. He started tracking his experiences and inspirations on his travel blog, travelfix.ca over a year ago, and has been working at Gap Adventures Toronto HQ as a Public Relations Specialist for about a year. Travel, for Toronto-raised Chan, is a way to immerse himself in a “completely foreign country where chaos reigns and the culture, food, transportation, language and everything in between are virtually unfamiliar.”


Hot Art: Vanguard Viewing

A still from John Greyson's short film, Covered.

APRIL 1 TO 10 The “moving picture” may be most strongly associated with Hollywood’s blockbusters, but there are, of course, many others who seek to explore the artistic possibilities of film, video and their related media. The Images Festival, gives these independent Canadian and international creators an exciting outlet by hosting theatrical screenings, installations, live performances and new-media projects. Discerning cinephiles will find much to discuss in such groundbreaking features as Luo Li’s I Went to the Zoo the Other Day—filmed at the Toronto Zoo—and Kamal Aljafari’s festival opener, Port of Memory, as well as shorts like Covered by John Greyson.