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Google Street View Begins Mapping Canada’s Arctic

Google’s Street View tricycle in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut (Photo: courtesy of Google)


Google’s Street View team has travelled to the Nunavut hamlet of Cambridge Bay, to map the most northerly region it has ever mapped.

The company will map the region using a tricycle equipped with a camera (transporting a Street View car up north was too expensive) and will receive help from community members to establish accurate maps. This is the first Google Street View project in Nunavut. Google is also donating computers so that community members can continually update maps in the region.

The maps will be available in the next few months.

Read more from the CBC.

Travel Tip of the Day

Take a paper map. You may not have Wi-Fi when you think you will, roaming charges could be astronomical, online maps sometimes suck (sorry, Google!) and your device could fail. The paper map rarely disappoints.

Give us your tips! Add a comment below or let us know on Twitter @wherecanada: #wherecanadatips.

Google Maps Go Offline for Android Users


Photo: avlxyz

Google is on fire this week. First it launches Flight Search for Canadians, then it announces that its maps will be available offline for Android users. (more…)

Google Has a Street View of the Amazon Rainforest—Why Not the Northwest Passage?


Screenshot of Google's Amazon rainforest Street View

Last week Google rolled out a Street View tour of the Amazon rainforest. Not all 6,400 km of the Amazon River, but a portion of the Rio Negro tributary in the Amazon rainforest. This got us thinking about all the cool things Street View could do for Canadian travel. (more…)

4 Tips for Offline Map Access with Mobile Devices


From left to right: Nokia Maps, PDF Maps, Galileo

You can avoid most data-roaming charges by downloading a good Wi-Fi finder. But being out of range will render the Google Maps function on your Apple device useless.

To access offline maps you have a few options—besides, you know, carrying around an actual map. (more…)

Eat St.: Find a Food Cart With This App

The rise of the food cart as a gourmet eatery continues, although in Canada, Toronto feels dismally behind the rest of North America compared to Vancouver. For all of you who gastronomical explorers looking for the closest cuisine on the go, the Eat St. app will use your location to link you in to nearby food carts. Click on the individual suggestions and you’ll be given a map, a link to their Twitter, a menu, their hours and a profile that may link to the food cart’s website or Facebook in case you want more info. You can also “like” carts so that other users will know they’re popular, or add a cart if you don’t see it listed.

Keep in mind when searching for nearby carts, many of these aren’t stationary, they’re on the move around the city, so it’s best to use the link to the cart’s twitter feed where the most up-to-date location info is usually posted.

Eat St. also has its own show on the Food Network airing Fridays at 9:00 p.m. EST/PST, which checks out food carts all over North America.

The app: Eat St.
Cost: Free
Where to buy: The iTunes Canada App store.

Go RVing Canada Launches Blog/Map Service for RV Travelers

RVing in Banff National Park. Photo by Erik B.

By Red Hunt

RV sales are on the rise and traveling across Canada by RV is steadily growing in popularity. Some Canadians prefer the freedom of the open road and ability to go wherever they want, whenever they want. RV travel eliminates many of the common hassles associated with travel including airports, car rentals and finding hotels. Other Canadians, in particular budget travelers and young families, like that RV travel can be as much as 70% cheaper than other forms of travel.

To help both novice and experienced RV travelers get the most out of this affordable form of travel, GO RVing Canada’s newest online tool is a blogging and mapping service. Whether you’re exploring the nature of Canada close to home or across the country, this new service is just one of many resources that GO RVing Canada provides for meeting other RVers, sharing your knowledge of traveling in Canada and finding the perfect campgrounds.

The blog/map service taps into the existing online RV community by providing viewers with personal stories, campground reviews, tips and advice from RVers in Canada. While it only recently launched, it already includes RV, provincial and national park entries from the Yukon to Newfoundland. Website visitors can see all of these submitted entries on a map of Canada, including exact campground locations, website links and reviews.

Learn more about the new GO RVing Canada map/blog service and benefits of RV travel at gorving.ca.

Hot Shopping: Gifts of Distinction

Zwicker's on Doyle Street is Halifax's oldest commercial art gallery.

Zwicker’s Gallery on Doyle Street is the oldest commercial art gallery in Halifax. Dating back to 1866, it features antique nautical charts, maps and engravings. The expansive selection also includes contemporary works by emerging artists, Inuit and Native works, sculptures, ceramics and antiquities.

Hot Shopping: Navigate T.O.’s Neighbourhoods

Map of the Trinity Bellwoods area by Marlena Zuber

Marlena Zuber is a multi-faceted Torontonian: she draws, paints, works for a non-profit and is in an indie band. But it’s her informal cartography skills that are turning heads these days. Zuber’s charming yet realistic maps of favourite nabes—The Annex, Kensington Market, Harbourfront and Trinity Bellwoods among them—are a hot commodity. Pick up a framed map ($45 to $85) or a greeting card ($4 each) from Artistry Cards.

Hot Shopping: T.O. Coasters

A souvenir of your Toronto trip need not be kitschy. Take home a sophisticated birch plywood coaster map of the city, which can double as a show-and-tell tool as you inform family and friends of the fantastic restaurants along Eglinton Avenue, the luxe shopping on Bloor Street or your adventures on the Toronto Islands. A set of four “I Kinda Like it Here” coasters is $40; available at Russet and Empire.

Hot Shopping: A Touch of Class

Tucked away just around the corner from Spring Garden Road on Doyle Street, Zwicker’s Gallery is Halifax’s oldest commercial art gallery. It’s noted for its historic maps and nautical charts (which will enchant history buffs) but it also features a selection of contemporary creations, such as unique Inuit carvings.

Hot Shopping: 5 for Readers

Atlantic News

•    Bookmark, Spring Garden Road: Atlantic Canada’s largest independent bookseller; best-sellers, local works, travel books, unique gifts.

•    Woozles, Birmingham Street: Canada’s oldest bookstore for children; classic picture books, educational volumes, toys and games aplenty.

•    Maps & More , Lower Water Street: City maps, travel guides, road atlases, nautical charts, travel accessories and
reference books.

•    Atlantic News, Morris Street: Magazines and newspapers from around the globe; same-day editions of 400 newspapers from over 60 countries printed on site.

•    Veritas Catholic Books, Barrington Street: Books and devotional items from the Catholic tradition; books by recent popes, literary fiction on religious topics, prayer books, religious art and more.