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Manitoba Museum

Hot Shopping: Editor’s Picks: Top 5 Winnipeg Toy Stores

Hatchin’ Grow Dino from the Children’s Museum Shop

Unleash your inner child with fun trinket and knick-knack stores at some of Winnipeg’s greatest family attractions. These toy stores will keep your kids, and yourself, amused for hours.

1. In the heart of the historic Exchange District, the stacked shelves at Toad Hall Toys will peak your interest. Pick up a Big Bang Rocket for a day of outdoor play. Simply fling overhead, let go and watch it fly sky-high, eventually hitting the ground with a bang. 204-956-2195, 54 Arthur St. (more…)

Where Winnipeg Magazine Names the Manitoba Museum’s Ancient Seas Best New 2010 Attraction

A giant squid in a conical shell sizes up his unsuspecting prey, a beetle-like creature innocently scavenging for food on the ocean floor. In a flash, dominance wins and the sandsweeper is enveloped by hungry tentacles. Meanwhile, a pod of irridescent jellyfish gracefully pump through the crystal-clear waters; a cluster of sea lilies, dance in the currents; and a bed of clams instinctively shut their shells.

This is Ancient Seas, a digitally animated, 450 million-year-old underwater world brought to life on three jumbo-sized screens inside a darkened corner of The Manitoba Museum. (more…)