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Flirt En Français (and 9 Other Languages) with TripLingo Romance Edition

You’re on vacation in Quebec and you’ve caught the eye of the cutie across the bar—and now he’s coming over to talk. Can you maintain a witty flirtation in a foreign tongue? With the fun TripLingo Romance Edition app it’s at least worth a try. (more…)

Je Ne Sais What? 5 Translation App Reviews

By Carissa Bluestone

Voice-recognition software, crowdsourcing and the power of Google Translate are radically changing how we ask for the washroom around the world. There’s no way to tell how people will respond to having a yammering iPhone shoved in their faces, but when you have to tell your new francophone companion, “I am sorry that Air Canada does not respect your beautiful language”, you’ll be glad to have at least one of these apps.