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Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

Dining Spotlight: Sake Sipping at Ki Modern Japanese


“The most common misconception of sake is everything. Most people have only had it warm, and chances are they had way too much,” says Adam Snelling, sake sommelier and general manager of Ki Modern Japanese. Ki serves 41 varieties of Japan’s national fermented-rice drink. Bottles are imported from Japan, but the restaurant also pours American and Canadian sake. The majority are tokutei meishoshu, meaning premium sake. (more…)

Get a Sake Education at Toronto’s Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

Ki's sake program is one of Toronto's largest

The sake program at Ki is one of Toronto’s largest

Though enjoyed in Japan for centuries, sake is only starting to make waves here in Canada. Best known to the western world as a rice wine that is served warm, the fermented sugar beverage actually boasts numerous varietals and is as vast in its selection and breadth as wine. Michael Tremblay, an advanced certified sake professional—only one of five in the country—is the national sake sommelier at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar. Earlier this year, he spent three weeks in Japan learning the art of crafting sake from start to finish: milling the rice (there are 100 strains that can be used to produce sake), diluting the water, fermenting, brewing and bottling the finished product. There are 56 different sakes on the menu at Ki, 20 of which are offered by the glass. If trying to decide between a Hakkaisan “Eight Peaks” Honjozo or a Wakatake “Onikoroshi” Demon Slayer Junmai Daiginio to have with your sashimi seems overwhelming, don’t fret. Ki hosts two sake dinners this month on May 15 and 29 with experts who will walk you through an assortment of blends, or request a personalized tasting of your own with your meal.  —Linda Luong

• Ki Modern Japanese + Bar, 181 Bay St., 416-308-5888; kijapanese.com
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7 Toronto Sports Bars Near the Air Canada Centre


Toronto Sports Bars

Real Sports Bar and Grill is steps from the Air Canada Centre

Die-hard fans of Canada’s favourite pastime might say there are actually five seasons in our country: spring, summer, fall, winter and hockey. The latter was tragically delayed this year, but on January 12, after 119 nail-biting days, a deal between owners and players was reached to end the NHL’s frustrating lockout. And so our city’s beloved (though sometimes hapless) Maple Leafs have dutifully returned to the ice. If you can’t get tickets to seem them play live, these Toronto sports bars near the Air Canada Centre offer ample screens for catching all the action with fellow fans.