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Johnston Canyon

9 Fabulous Fall Hiking Trails


One of our nine fabulous fall hiking trails: The Fundy Footpath (Photo: Dept. of Tourism & Parks, NB)

Head for the hills this fall and explore one of Canada’s many hiking trails, whether it’s tackling tough terrain on BC’s west coast or a slow sojourn on the Fundy Footpath (pictured). Well-trod trails accommodate any age or fitness level. Fall is an excellent time to get outside and capture the golden glow that softens the landscape. Proper hiking boots, water and snacks are a must. For organized outings with an experienced guide, contact cross-Canada hiking clubs or specific clubs in Atlantic Canada, Quebec, Ontario, the Prairies, Alberta and BC.

Start the slideshow of Canada’s fabulous fall hiking trails »

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The 7 Best Canyon Hikes of the Canadian Rockies

Article and photography by Graeme Pole

In the Rockies, the roar of rushing water is the sound of a canyon ‘growing’. Canyon hikes are great for rainy days not suited to exposed treeline forays, and for shady days when features in the depths are easier to see. Bridges over chasms allow appreciation of nature’s handiwork from different angles—including directly above.

So, how does a canyon ‘grow’? Although the Rockies appear formidable, their relatively weak limestone can be eaten away by rainwater and snowmelt. After the last ice age, surging water from icefields and valley glaciers transformed stream courses into the canyons that we see today.

Almost every side valley in the Rockies contains a canyon. Here, our slide show of some of the most exceptional walks in the region. Start the slide show »

Editor’s Note: Graeme Pole is author of
Walks and Easy Hikes in the Canadian Rockies.