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4 Tips for Offline Map Access with Mobile Devices


From left to right: Nokia Maps, PDF Maps, Galileo

You can avoid most data-roaming charges by downloading a good Wi-Fi finder. But being out of range will render the Google Maps function on your Apple device useless.

To access offline maps you have a few options—besides, you know, carrying around an actual map. (more…)

5 Reasons Mobile Devices Will Dominate Travel in 2012

Photo by Mark Hunter

By Waheeda Harris

Mobile phones and tablets are quickly becoming the preferred travel accessories. A recent survey of business travellers by research firm PhoCusWright showed 84% are devoted to their smartphone as a travel tool.

Following are five ways tech will enhance your travel experience in 2012. (more…)

Gogobot: the Everything-but-the-Kitchen-Sink Travel App

By Carissa Bluestone

When Gogobot released its iPhone app last month it already had significant buzz, having been written up in tech mags and the New York Times and hailed one of the 50 Best Websites of All Time by Time Magazine. Gogobot’s creators have promised to revolutionize travel, which in the world of travel apps means leaving no virtual stone unturned. Hence, Gogobot is part Instagram, part TripAdvisor, part journalling app, part virtual concierge.


Mimic a DSLR with These iPhone Accessories

© Photojojo (photojojo.com)

By Carissa Bluestone

If you’ve started to view your iPhone as an SLR that also texts, you probably have a half-dozen apps that work around the phone’s limitations to mimic a real camera’s capabilities. But to turn your iPhone into a “real camera” you need hardware, too. We would love to see the Leica i9 concept, which encases an iPhone in a Leica camera body for the best of both worlds, become a reality. But until that happens, you can rig a better camera with the help of a few basic accessories: (more…)

Travel and iPad Go Together

Photo by Jared Earle

By Amanda Yiu

A new study published by mobile advertising network Greystripe reveals that 67% of iPad users are frequent travelers. It also found that 91% of iPad users regularly engage with their device for travel-related activities, from booking flights to getting directions and finding the best local restaurants.

To gather the findings in the report, titled “Smartphone and Tablet Travel Insights” (PDF), Greystripe collected data from 971 iPad, iPhone (including iPod Touch) and Android users over a monthlong period. (more…)

5 Smartphone Photo Tips

An Instagram-ed image of Montreal's Tavern Le Normand. Photo by misspixels

Nothing beats the heft of an SLR lens or the cool of an artfully beat-up camera bag, but most trip photography these days consists of hastily snapped iPhone photos. A series of graphs on Flickr show that (a) the majority of the site’s photos are uploaded via the iPhone, not with digital SLRs or point-and-shoots, and (b) the iPhone beats the pants off of all other camera phones. Plus, the iPhone 5 is likely to arrive in the next few weeks; specs to be announced on Tuesday.

But no matter which operating system you pray to, there are some common tips for mastering smartphone photography:


Review: 4 Trip-Journaling Apps

From left to right: TripColor, Moleskine, Trip Journal, HipGeo

By Carissa Bluestone

After passport renewal and seat selection, the most pressing pre-travel concern is how best to taunt our friends with real-time vacation updates. Journaling, scrapbooking, digital instigation—whatever you call it, these apps will help you share your pics, anecdotes, and geotagged minutia. (more…)

Air Canada Adds Online Booking to Mobile App

Photo by Xraijs_

Canada’s largest airline has released a new version of its iPhone app that allows mobile booking and seat selection. With Air Canada’s mobile app v3.0 you can search for and book flights, select seats, and store information and payment details, allowing for faster and easier repeat bookings.

The app’s interactive shopping feature allows flights to be sorted by price and departure and arrival time and compares fares over a period of three days. As in v2.0 of the app, flight tracking and mobile check-in are available. The app is free at the iTunes App Store and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad running iOS 3.0 and higher.

Next moves we’d like to see from the Air Canada mobile app are allowing changes to already booked flights and the extension of the v3.0 services to non-iOS smartphone users.

For more about the app, visit Air Canada and www.msnbc.com.

BonAppie: Find The Closest Restaurant, Search Events, and More With This App

By Annemarie Dooling

The search for an eligible restaurant can be a challenge whether you’re a visitor or an old local. Filling the great need for an easy iPhone food search engine, though, comes BonAppie. Made with love in Vancouver, this simple and free app doesn’t have a lot of functions, but the ones it does have hit the mark. You set a specific location or use your iPhones geo-location tool to set one for you, and scan a list of nearby restaurants by name, distance and style of cuisine. Got an occasion in mind? You can also browse eateries that currently feature happy hour deals and special menus. Out-of-towners looking for a place off the beaten path will love the helpful directions, and the searchable list of special events proves helpful for stocking one’s vacation itinerary. Plus, the app’s sharing tools make it easy to organize a meet-up amongst friends via email; and after scanning through the available menus and reviews, users can save favorite restaurants to a personal list for a repeat meal. Or take advantage of what might be the app’s most helpful detail, an option to dial directly from the app and place an order immediately.

The BonAppie app is currently available for use in Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Victoria and Nanaimo, and adding new cities all the time.

The app: BonAppie
Cost: Free
Where to Download: only available at the iTunes Canada app store.

Parks Canada Heritage Gourmet App Lets You Travel Back in Culinary Time

By Annemarie Dooling

Instead of using an app to locate a gourmet restaurant, why not download an iPhone app that will make you a gourmet chef?

Parks Canada Heritage Gourmet is like a trip to dine at the tables of Canadians from the 18th century to today. Browse through more than 70 recipes sorted by ingredient, themed menu, region or period for a list of Canadian traditional and modern delicacies. The app lists both little-known retro plates and old familiar favorites, such as Quebec’s Fort Chambly Pea Soup, an 18th century Halibut and Bacon dish and a recipe for traditional  Sourdough Flapjacks, which were originally cooked over an open flame. The shopping list and bookmarking features make it easy to save meal picks on the go and locate every ingredient you need, and behind-the-scenes videos and cooking tips connect the dots between the past lives of the meals and your current kitchen.

But this isn’t just a standard recipe app, this is a traveling food-lover’s dream. Each recipe comes with a historic biography and timeline, detailing when the dish first made its debut. Plus, a “site” tab lists current travel information on the corresponding national historic site so that you have the most well-rounded and informed Canadian meal possible. Be sure to check the app often, as recipes are improved and added all the time.

The app: Parks Canada Heritage Gourmet (for iPhone)
: Free
Where to download: http://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/parks-canada-heritage-gourmet/id451612819