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Interview with Trish Sare of BikeHike Adventures

Trish Sare started her adventure tour company with a single trip to Costa Rica in 1994 from her then-home in Toronto. Today, Vancouver-based BikeHike Adventures offers multi-sport tours in twenty-nine countries on six continents. Trips range from horseback riding in Romania and caving in New Zealand to volunteering at a school in Thailand (along with biking the Golden Triangle) or adventures closer to home, sea kayaking, whale watching, hiking and more in Canada.


Meet Kelly and Lee of Global Goose Travel

Kelly and Lee of Global-Goose.com at Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland

Kelly Dunning and Lee Carter set out from their respective homes (she from Canada and he from the UK) to see other parts of the world in 2009, met in New Zealand and eventually decided to make a nomadic life together, working on the road and living “with no other possessions than the ones that we carry in our backpacks”. (more…)

Meet Nigel Beale of the Literary Tourist

Haven’t given up on the printed page in the era of digital media? For book lovers who also love travel, the Literary Tourist is a rare find.

The site, launched in 2011 by Nigel Beale, an Ottawa-based writer, broadcaster and admitted bibliophile, has a huge database of bookstores, literary events, and significant literary landmarks around the globe—everything from the Charles Dickens Museum in London to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter amusement park in Orlando. It even includes a few literary hotels. (Did you know there were literary hotels? We didn’t.) (more…)

Meet the Globetrotting Mama

Common perception is that having kids means staying in one place indefinitely. Heather Greenwood Davis figured differently, and set off on a world-travel adventure at a time when most moms with two kids in elementary school are fully entrenched in the work-to-school-to-sports/music lessons/play dates marathon. She and her husband Ish decided that their long-held dream of an around-the-world trip shouldn’t wait until retirement, and they set out last year with their two sons, ages 7 and 9 (and home-schooling curriculum), in tow. (more…)

Meet Greg Clow of Canadian Beer News

Dedicated to all things beer and brewing, Canadian beer expert Greg Clow edits and publishes Canadian Beer News, a one-stop-shop for beer news and happenings (festivals, awards, events, brewery openings, etc.) across the country. (more…)

Meet the Traveling Canucks

Four years ago, Canadian bloggers and married couple Cameron and Nicole Wears left their jobs and set out to travel the world. They ended up on the road for over a year and visited 38 countries in 12 months in 2009. Though they started their blog, Traveling Canucks, en route, they ended up posting more after they returned.

Nicole and Cameron continue to operate their successful travel blog from their home in Vancouver and though they’ve returned to “regular” jobs post-globetrotting, they still manage to do some pretty amazing trips. As they say on their site, “We go to work every day like most people—we just choose to not sacrifice travel for work, and vice versa.” (more…)

Meet Janice Waugh, the Solo Traveler

Vacationing without a companion is a foreign concept to many of us, but Janice Waugh, the Solo Traveler, challenges and inspires her readers to do just that. She shares firsthand solo travel stories and helpful advice like how to eat alone in a restaurant, how to meet people on the road, and the best destinations for solo travel. (more…)

Interview with Yukoner Murray Lundberg of the ExploreNorth Blog

Murray on the Haines Road between the Yukon and Alaska

Ever vacation somewhere and wish you never had to leave? Well, Murray Lundberg actually made it happen. In 1990, five years after his first vacation to the Yukon and Alaska, he saw a job for a tour bus driver in Whitehorse and left his Vancouver-area home of forty years to resettle in the Canadian north. (more…)

Shut Up and Eat: From the Mouth of a Montreal Food Blogger

Montreal native Jason is an amateur food critic who reviews Montreal restaurants for his entertaining and very funny (okay, and occasionally raunchy) blog, Shut Up and Eat. (more…)

Confessions of a Quitter: Ayngelina Brogan of Bacon is Magic

Ayngelina in Guatemala

In honour of Valentine’s Day, today we talk with a travel blogger who left love behind to follow her heart.

At 31, Canadian east coast native Ayngelina Brogan left her boyfriend, career, apartment and friends behind to travel Central and South America and fulfill a decade-long dream. She started her blog, Bacon is Magic, in 2010 to document her travels and the transformational effect it had on her life. (more…)

Talking Travel with Lisa Ng and Wendy Kam Marcy of the Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide

The Hip & Urban Girl’s Guide is a lifestyle website “dedicated to the busy city girl”. Authors Lisa Ng and Wendy Kam Marcy started the site two years ago. Aimed at city gals, it focused on food and shopping in their native Toronto, Ontario. They’ve since started to dwell more on travel, posting trip reports and travel advice for their readers, whom they call HUGs (Hip Urban Girls). (more…)

Thomas Carey of PEI’s Redwater Rustic Grille

By Waheeda Harris

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island chef Thomas Carey began his culinary journey in his native Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia, with culinary trade programs. From there he worked his way into some great kitchens, including Spring, in Stockholm, and Chicago’s Tru, under Rick Tramonto. (more…)