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Hot Art: Hirschhorn’s Challenging Vision

MARCH 11 TO MAY 29 It may not make you angry, but provocative Swiss artist Thomas Hirschhorn’s installation The Eye will definitely have you seeing red. The sprawling work at The Power Plant curates an almost overwhelming array of objects and images—national flags, stuffed animals, blood-stained mannequins and much, much more—connected only by their shared primary hue. What lies at the (red) heart of this immersive display and its frenzy of loose associations? That’s up to the viewer to decide. As the artist has written: “The eye sees but the eye does not understand.”

Hot Art: Timely Viewing

Kelly Richardson's Twilight Avenger video installation

MARCH 4 TO AUGUST 1 Contemporary art is art that is literally “of its time,” intrinsically linked to the era in which it is produced and consumed. So it’s natural that the Art Gallery of Ontario would choose the concept of temporality to organize a display of its recent acquisitions. The exhibition Sculpture as Time brings together a broad selection of works created since the 1960s that, if not explicitly “on the clock”—like On Kawara’s I Got Up postcards, stamped with the hour at which the artist awoke on various mornings—nonetheless invite viewers to engage with time as a transformative phenomenon—will it be tranquility or frustration that prevails while you wait to glimpse the elusive deer in Kelly Richardson’s Twilight Avenger video? Enjoy these works in the moment; their effect will resonate long after.