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Ingram Gallery

Hot Art: Propaganda Portraits

Idoru Zero II by Andrew Bell

APRIL 10 TO 29 Yorkville’s Ingram Gallery offers artful visions of dystopia with the exhibition Moterwerks 8: Entropika. The latest series of works in an ambitious project started in 1994, Andrew Bell’s photo-based mixed-media pieces, including Idoru Zero II, depict a protagonist dubbed “The Aeronaut” as she navigates a Mad Max-meets-Metropolis world fractured by humankind’s lust for power and control. Melding pseudo-historical and science fiction elements with visual techniques employed by the modern mass media, the Soviet-style images remind us that the machines of corporate and political repression remain subtly pervasive to this day.

June Editor’s Picks: Art

John Brown's <em>Tower Version One</em>.

John Brown's Tower Version One.

OPENS JUNE 6 Scraped, scored and textured with great welts of paint, the works of John Brown are survivors of their own visceral creation—no wonder the Toronto-based artist is known to take months to produce a single panel. Venerable art hub Olga Korper Gallery displays three of Brown’s large-scale pieces that reveal a meticulous process that combines abstract expressionism with artifacts of figuration. Widely collected and critically praised, Brown’s larger body of work, produced over a two-decade span, is also highlighted in a new catalogue to be launched at the gallery on June 18 from 6 to 9 p.m.