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hotel booking

80% of Travellers Use Smartphones on Trips, But Not To Book


Recent data shows that travellers are (figuratively and literally) tethered to their smartphones for trip planning and on the ground while travelling. The study, from eMarketer Inc., found that approximately 80 per cent of respondents use their mobile phone “all the time” while away. It also found that some 36.4 million Americans are expected to do travel research on their phones in 2012, with an anticipated 72 million using their phones for trip research by 2016. However, less than half of that number will, apparently, book their travel using their phone. (more…)

12 Travel Booking and Deals Sites You Should Be Using


Gîte du Pont Flottant B&B near Quebec City, found via BBCanada.com (Photo: Margot Mood)

These days, deal-seeking for a hotel, car or attraction almost always starts online. We’ve culled a dozen Web sites to bookmark to find your best options and best prices this summer. (more…)

Travel Bloggers Share Their Best Tips for Finding Budget Accommodations


Photo: Thomas Heylen

Did you know you don’t have to be a student to get the same discounts students get? Or that there are more upscale alternatives to CouchSurfing? We asked Canadian travel bloggers for their absolute best tips for finding cheap lodging while on the road and they dished on how to get deals on hotels, hostels and homestays. (more…)

TripAdvisor Says Proving Reviews are Legit is an Unrealistic Expectation

Travel website TripAdvisor launched a verbal counter-attack against a ruling last week by the British Advertising Standards Authority that prohibits the UK website from claiming its reviews are from trusted travellers. (more…)

TripAdvisor UK Can No Longer Claim Its Reviews are Trustworthy

TripAdvisor.co.uk's hotel search page

TripAdvisor has been caught in the crosshairs again in the UK. The British Advertising Standards Authority ruled that the travel website’s claims such as “more than 50 million honest travel reviews and opinions from real travellers” are misleading and must be removed.

Reason being that, frankly, some of TripAdvisor’s user reviews can’t be trusted. (more…)

Better Hotel Bidding: A new tool to get the best from Priceline

By Carissa Bluestone

Just how great was your last Priceline deal? It’s always hard to tell, as the site gives few clues to its inner workings beyond a random list of recent winning bids.

For years savvy travellers have turned to forums to compare actual winning bids, but now a new “bidding buddy” site, the Bidding Traveler, helps you feel more confident about your final offer and removes some of the guesswork involved in bidding. (See a lowdown on the Bidding Traveler from SmarterTravel.com.) (more…)