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green travel

Air Canada Takes Off on First Biofuel Flight Today


Air Canada will make its first biofuel-powered flight on an Airbus A319 (Photo: caribb)

A 50-50 mix of cooking oil and jet fuel will propel an Air Canada flight to Mexico City today, the first international flight to use the biofuel in North America. (more…)

Do Some Good on Your Holiday: Volunteer Vacations for Canadians


Monitoring Nova Scotia wildlife is just one of many voluntouring opportunities in Canada (photo: Steve Urszenyi)

“Voluntourism” has become a popular buzzword for those travellers seeking a way to make a holiday memory more than just photos for the Facebook page. This trend has tapped into a national habit, as 12.5 million Canadians—more than a third of the population—regularly make time to volunteer. (more…)

Travellers Want To Be Greener But Is More Eco-Education Needed?


Signs like these at hotels seem to encourage guests to conserve (Photo: Joelk75)

In the next year, 71 per cent of of the more than 700 U.S. travellers surveyed by TripAdvisor said they intend to make more eco-friendly choices than in the past. Forty-seven per cent said they were as eco-conscious on vacation as at home. (more…)

5 Eco Apps for Green Travellers

We’ve deemed April Earth Month at Where.ca, with a series of stories all about eco-friendly, sustainable travel. Go green!


Travel encompasses so many systems and industries that it’s impossible to plan a 100 per-cent squeaky green trip. This collection of apps will help make your trip more sustainable, but keep mind that some of the best green travel apps are hyperlocal—the ones that plot car-sharing and bike-sharing locations on maps, detail public transit options and offer comprehensive feedback on local shops and restaurants. (more…)

8 Easy Green Travel Tips that Make a Difference

We’ve deemed April Earth Month at Where.ca, with a series of stories all about eco-friendly, sustainable travel. Go green!


#7 - Reduce paper waste by saving maps and other travel info to handheld devices.

Sustainable doesn’t have to be synonymous with sacrifice. Here are little things you can do to reduce your impact while on the road, in the sky or on the trails. (more…)

6 Incredibly Cool Eco-Friendly Travel Accessories

We’ve deemed April Earth Month at Where.ca, with a series of stories all about eco-friendly, sustainable travel. Go green!


1. JOOS Orange, 2. Baby Bobble water bottle, 3. Hadaki Lug Around Pod, 4. Iqua Sun, 5. LUSH shampoo bar, 6. Drop Bedol Water Alarm Clock

When planning your next adventure, whether it be a weekend trip or a ’round-the-world expedition, gear up with these six eco-conscious travel accessories and reduce those carbon footprints wherever you go. (more…)

Two Toronto Parks Win Green Design Awards

By Waheeda Harris

You may have heard of Toronto’s High Park and its lakefront Martin Goodman Trail, but two lesser known Toronto green spaces have recently been listed among the top 50 Canadian design projects of the annual Design Exchange Awards: the Toronto City Hall Podium Green Roof and the waterfront’s Sherbourne Common (more…)

Travelocity Betting on Green Travel

Photo by Travelocity

A few days ago we brought your attention to a recent poll suggesting Canadians don’t give much thought to green travel. But everything-under-the-sun travel purveyor Travelocity, for one, is betting that green initiatives are the wave of the future. One of the online company’s more impressive projects has been to create an eco-friendly hotel directory, based on criteria developed with the help of the Rainforest Alliance, EarthCheck, and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, among others.

For a colourful profile of today’s eco-conscious traveller (travellers using Travelocity, at least), Alison Presley, Manager of the company’s Travel for Good program, on Wednesday posted the infographic “Green Travelers by the Numbers” on the company’s Window Seat blog. The stats don’t divulge any major shockers (79% of green travellers recycle, for instance), but they do reveal areas where eco-travel has plenty of room for growth, most notably among families and men. And it’s also just a fun graphic to peruse, so enjoy!