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Greek cuisine

Hot Dining Halifax: Go Greek

Enjoy greek dishes at Ela Greek Taverna

Treat your taste buds to flavourful cuisine at Athens on Quinpool Road. Chicken souvlaki on a bed of fresh veggies, baked lasagna, bruschetta and calamari are just a few on the list. In the mood for breakfast? Drop by for french toast, or bacon and eggs. The restaurant also just celebrated 30 years.

Craving a specialty dish? Visit Ela Greek Taverna. With locations in Bayers Lake and Dartmouth Crossing, the menu includes stuffed tomato and peppers, vegetarian mousaka, braised lamb and more.

Hot Dining: Smashingly Greek

Photo by Stefane Berube

Tucked in amongst the eclectic shops of 124th Street, Koutouki is loud, boisterous, and a whole lot of fun. Yet between all the plate-smashing and belly dancing, it soon becomes obvious that the authentic, freshly prepared Greek cuisine is the real smash hit here. Start your evening with the Saganaki, a platter of kefalotiri cheese that’s been fried until it’s golden, gooey, and sizzling hot. Simply add a squeeze of lemon, spread it on some freshly baked pita bread and—viola!—you’re all set. Once that disappears, consider tackling the Calamari or the savoury Souvlaki.