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INFOGRAPHIC: 50 Things to Do When You’re Stuck at an Airport

50 Things To Do At The Airport


—50 Things To Do At The Airport [Infographic] by the team at CheapFlights


How to Pick the Best Seat When Flying in Economy Class


Travel troubles can put a damper on any vacation, especially when they pop up while you’re getting to or from your destination. We recently came across a clever list of tips to help avert annoyances when flying in economy class on commercial planes. The video above offers five tips to help you choose the optimal seating when booking your tickets, and recommends tools that explain how to make sure the middle seat remains empty on your flight. Find this clip compelling? Check out the rest of Peter Greenberg’s YouTube channel. His unique and informative videos about travel are worth a gander.

How to choose the best seat in economy [YouTube]
Peter Greenberg’s Channel [YouTube]

(Thumbnail photo: VoxEfx)

Travel Tip of the Week

Get a map of the airport ahead of time to be sure that you know how far it is to your gates and connections, and so you’re not disappointed if you’d planned on better food options or you miss the single, pre-security Starbucks.

Give us your tips! Add a comment below or let us know on Twitter @wherecanada: #wherecanadatips.

The Many Costs of In-Flight Comfort


What money can buy—or not—in-flight. Photos: Brian Hansen (L), ATIS547 (R)

Airlines are charging for everything but the lavatory sink these days. We’re used to some of the fees: for in-flight movies and alcoholic drinks, for example. But now you’ll also pay for conveniences that were once givens for even coach passengers, like pillows and exit-row seating.


Google’s New Flight Search Tool

By Carissa Bluestone

Look out, Expedia. After launching its Hotel Finder this summer, Google expanded its travel-related tools last week with Flight Search. (more…)

Most Pet-Friendly Airlines Revealed

Photo by Erik (HASH) Hersman

Flying with your pet can be rife with stress. Worrying about how they’ll do in their carrier or whether there’s space for them to settle in comfortably can be enough to give up on travelling together, all together.

To facilitate the process, each year Petfinder.com rates US airlines on their pet-friendly practices, and this year they’ve expanded their list to include Canadian carriers.


Would Plane Red’s “all-you-can-fly” subscription fly in Canada?

Plane Red’s new flying concept is simple and almost too good to be true, as stated on their website: “ Our goal is to change the way we fly. No more buying outrageously priced tickets. No more lost luggage. No more middle seats in a cramped cabin. And no more TSA.”