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Solar-Powered Plane Makes First Successful Intercontinental Flight


© Solar Impulse | Jean Revillard

Can we say goodbye to jet fuel in the future? Well, that might be a long way off but at least there’s hope of a less-polluted travelsphere given last week’s first ever intercontinental flight by a solar-powered plane. (more…)

Travel in Comfort: 12 Carry-On Accessories to Keep You Healthy En Route


Ever finished your flight, road trip or train ride less than refreshed and not so much ready for your vacation as you are for a nap? (more…)

Google’s New Flight Search Tool

By Carissa Bluestone

Look out, Expedia. After launching its Hotel Finder this summer, Google expanded its travel-related tools last week with Flight Search. (more…)

Air Canada Raises Rates for Checked Baggage

Photo by Robert S. Donovan

Air Canada has announced new checked baggage fees, in an effort to offset high fuel prices. (more…)

Doctors Recommend Airlines Ban Pets From Cabin

Photo by Lovro Rumiha

Doctors who met at the annual general council of the Canadian Medical Association in St. John’s, Nfld. on Tuesday, want commercial airlines to ban cats and dogs from the cabin. Their concerns come from the risk these pets pose to those with allergies and asthma—beyond sniffling and sneezing, severe allergies can result in anaphylactic shock.

Guide dogs and other service animals would still be an exception, like they are at restaurants, hotels and many other spots where pets are usually asked to stay outside.

The CMA sees no health risks from pets riding in cargo hold, though some pet owners would argue that does create health risks, for their pet.

You can read both sides, the CMA and the response by Canadian airlines, at the Toronto Star.

Staying Healthy When You’re A Frequent Traveller

Photo by Catface3

It’s a no-brainer that travelling for business often takes a toll on one’s health—healthy options aren’t always available when grabbing a bite on the road; and when running from business meetings to catch flights, there isn’t time to squeeze in a gym visit at the hotel. Add to that stress and disrupted sleep patterns and you don’t exactly feel (or, lets face it, look) like George Clooney in Up In The Air.

A study by Columbia University looked at workers who travel frequently, lightly, or not at all. They found that those who travel frequently (20 or more days per month) are in poorer health than the other two groups. In light of this, the Calgary Herald spoke to a nutritionist about how to be more healthy when you spend a lot of time away from home for work. While the tips are focused on business travellers, they’re helpful for anyone who finds themselves heading out on a trip where their good habits might fall to the wayside.

– Bring nuts, fruit or a healthy sandwich with you on a flight to avoid indulging on unhealthy snacks.
– If you have to eat on the road, opt for smoothies (and make sure it’s fruit based, and not full of ice cream), salad or hummus and pita.
– Know what the healthy options are at food chains; Starbucks has a whole-wheat egg-salad sandwich, load your Subway sandwich with veggies, and Burger King has a lesser-evil veggie burger.

Canadian Air Travel: Only 78 Per Cent of Summer Flights On Time

Photo by Robert S. Donovan

We all worry about bad weather flight delays in the winter, we even come to expect them in a country like Canada where climates are more wild than mild. Come summer, if you expect delays to go away, you’d be wrong. Data compiled by QMI Agency showed that during June and July roughly 78 per cent of flights on Canada’s three major carriers arrived on time. Compare this to the US where an estimated 76.6 per cent of flights within that country are on time, and we’re only slightly ahead.

In Canada, flights from Toronto to the East Coast look to be the most frequently delayed of all routes. You can read more on individual air carriers on-time estimates and what the impact of delayed flights on the economy, here.