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family travel

50 Things To Do With Kids in Montreal


# 3 – Granby Zoo (Photo: Austin H. Kapfumvuti)

Montreal is a festival city, and explodes with activity year-round. There’s always something family friendly to do, whether it’s biking on the waterfront, learning circus skills, exploring a living-history or science museum or pigging out at the city’s decadant ice-cream parlours, chocolate shops and crêperies. (more…)

10 Cool Kid-Friendly Hotels Across Canada


FantasyLand Hotel at the West Edmonton Mall

Complimentary breakfast and Wi-Fi aside, when visiting a hotel with the shorter set, it’s the kid-specific perks that garner real praise with parents. From kid concierges to in-hotel scavenger hunts, these nationwide homes-away-from-home earn serious child-friendly clout. (more…)

Things to Do With Kids in Toronto: 21 Children-Friendly Attractions


Things to Do in Toronto With Kids

21 things to do with kids in Toronto: Canada’s Wonderland, with it’s enormous water park, makes our list (Photo: WomEOS)

When looking for things to do with kids in Toronto, visitors can be overwhelmed with options. Luckily, many of Toronto’s most interesting attractions for adults—museums, galleries, historic sites—also have special programs or areas for children. Many have great group rates, too, meaning family fun doesn’t have to strain your travel budget. Our Toronto experts have compiled this list of 21 fun things to do with kids in the city, all at reliable, long-standing attractions designed to put a smile on a child’s face.

See the list of 21 things to do with kids in Toronto »


New Law Proposed To Prevent Airlines from Separating Families on Flights


Photo: James Emery

Back in May we told you about a so-called “family travel tax“: new policies that some United States airlines are adopting that threaten to break up people travelling together on planes, including possibly separating parents from their children. In response to these family-unfriendly practices, a New York State Congress member has proposed a federal law in the U.S. that would prevent families from being separated on commercial airlines.

The legislation, proposed by Congressman Jerrold Nadler, is called the Families Flying Together Act of 2012, and would require airlines to keep families together on flights—without forcing them to pay extra for premium or guaranteed seats—and to make this policy plainly visible to everyone booking a flight.

The proposed law doesn’t have provisions for couples or anyone else travelling together.

Family Summer Survival Kit: Top Theme Park Tips


Playland, Vancouver (Photo: Tiffa Day)

Family travel guru and Budget Travel contributing editor Fran Golden has some excellent tips for surviving theme parks with the kids this summer. And with the opening of the largest roller coaster in Canada this summer and upgrades at the World Waterpark at the mammoth Edmonton Mall, Canadian kids have good reason to beg for a trip to an amusement parks this year. (more…)

Window- and Aisle-Seat Fees: A Family Travel Tax?


Several U.S. airlines are now charging extra fees for aisle and window seats and, in some cases, embargoing some of these seats for their elite-status customers, the Associated Press reports. (more…)

5 Must-Have Items for Your Next Family Road Trip


There are only so many times a parent can listen to the Kidz Bop version of “A Pocketful of Sunshine” without driving off the road in protest. To avoid multimedia overload, prevent meltdowns of the I-dropped-my-favourite-stuffed-animals (and my juice box, too!) variety and other en-route calamities, CanadianFamily.ca has compiled a list of five essentials for a kid-friendly road trip. (more…)

Air Travel Just Got Cuter: Hello Kitty Jets


EVA Air's Hello Kitty jet (Photo: Benson!!)

Taiwan-based EVA Air is expanding its Hello Kitty–themed jets, launched last year, with even cuter planes and new routes this month. (more…)

Meet the Globetrotting Mama

Common perception is that having kids means staying in one place indefinitely. Heather Greenwood Davis figured differently, and set off on a world-travel adventure at a time when most moms with two kids in elementary school are fully entrenched in the work-to-school-to-sports/music lessons/play dates marathon. She and her husband Ish decided that their long-held dream of an around-the-world trip shouldn’t wait until retirement, and they set out last year with their two sons, ages 7 and 9 (and home-schooling curriculum), in tow. (more…)

10 Canadian Farm-Stay and Ranch Vacations


Ranch vacations in Canada: Reesor Ranch (Photo: Thomas Sbampato/Reesor Ranch)

Want to get closer to nature on your next vacation? Try one of these ten farm-stay or ranch holidays to learn more about where food comes from, teach kids about animals, eat the farm-freshest breakfast of your life and even improve upon your gardening skills.

Start the slideshow of farm-stay and ranch vacations »

9 Tips for Stress-Free Road Trips with Kids


Planning on hauling the kids along for your next weekend away? Good news: travelling with kids needn’t be a sanity sucker. Plan ahead, be prepared and channel some inner zen for the inevitable refrain, “Are we there yet?”


Meet the Traveling Canucks

Four years ago, Canadian bloggers and married couple Cameron and Nicole Wears left their jobs and set out to travel the world. They ended up on the road for over a year and visited 38 countries in 12 months in 2009. Though they started their blog, Traveling Canucks, en route, they ended up posting more after they returned.

Nicole and Cameron continue to operate their successful travel blog from their home in Vancouver and though they’ve returned to “regular” jobs post-globetrotting, they still manage to do some pretty amazing trips. As they say on their site, “We go to work every day like most people—we just choose to not sacrifice travel for work, and vice versa.” (more…)