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edmonton dining

You Are Here: South Edmonton Common

1. PLAY! Brain teasers, puzzles, model trains, windsocks, good old fashioned kites, and more await you at the jam packed hobby shop Kites and Other Delights. 10024-21 Ave., 780-487-9952. kitesandotherdelights.com

2. WALK, JOG, RUN From his very first store in the living room of an old house in Edmonton, John Stanton’s Running Room has grown to include more then 100 stores across North America! This is the go-to place to be fitted with the perfect running shoes to suit your stride. 10012-21 Ave., 780-450-0129. runningroom.com

3. THE QUEEN OF SPAS Since starting her first salon in Edmonton in 1984, Eveline Charles has become one of the most recognized names in the Canadian luxurious salon and spa industry. 1641-102 St., 780-424-5666. evelinecharles.com

4. BEST BURGERS Did you know that there are over 250,000 possible ways to order a burger at Five Guys Burger and Fries? Plus, none of their ingredients are ever frozen (they don’t even have freezers in their restaurants), so you know that you are getting exactly what you want, made fresh! 10161-13 Ave., 780-436-9885. fiveguys.ca

5. GREEN GEAR In need of new clubs, a pink plaid pair of pants, or a fancy new golf bag? Get geared up for golf season with everything you need at this gigantic Golf Town Store. 1940-99 St., 780-988-6000. golftown.com

6. KONNICHIWA! Relax in one of the private tatami rooms separated by sliding paper doors, while indulging in a Mango Tango Roll and some warm saki at Mikado Japanese Restaurant. 1903-98 St., 780-432-4500. mikadorestaurant.com

7. A TASTE OF ITALY Take a break from shopping to lounge over one of Caffe Sorrentino’s signature savoury paninis or melt in your mouth pastries alongside a cappuccino made with the fantastic LavAzza espresso. 1417-99 St., 780-463-1700. caffesorrentino.com

Edmonton’s Best New Restaurant 2013: RGE RD


RGE RD is Where Edmonton’s Best New Restaurant 2013
Photo by Pedro Escobar

You never quite know what to expect when you wander into RGE RD, the newest and most highly anticipated addition to Edmonton’s dining scene — other than highly creative and utterly delicious creations of some sort or another, that is. Chef and owner Blair Lebsack is passionate about the whole farm-to table concept or, as he puts it, “the farms we work with dictate the menu. We don’t tell them what to grow; we work with what they give us.”

Look for fresh, seasonal and local. Look for a constantly changing menu, and look for the unexpected. Oh, and yes, definitely look for steak. As for the type of steak, well…

You see, RGE RD brings in whole cows and works from there. Tenderloin might take centre stage one night, rib eye another, and flank another and… well, you get the idea. With a wood-burning oven, a grill and some cast-iron pans at his fingertips, exactly how Lebsack might cook that steak is anyone’s guess. It will be served with some sort of beef-y ragout (think beef/onion/mushroom), though, and it will be accompanied by something warm and comforting and surprising (think creamy mashed potatoes with radish greens). Oh, and according to Lebsack, it will be “the best steak in the world.” What goes with the best steak in the world? Beer [from Hog’s Head Brewery in St. Albert] , of course!

After a steak like that you might think you’re completely satisfied, but how could you not dig into something as yummy as the Chocolate S’mores? Ooey, gooey, house-made and topped off with a fabulously innovative smoked ice cream – you won’t even miss the campfire! 10643-123 St, 780-447-4577; rgerd.caJan Hostyn 


6 Edmonton Restaurants for Gluten Free Diners

No need to go hungry in Edmonton if you need to eat gluten free! Here are 5 diverse dining options in Edmonton with plenty of gluten free selections.

No need to go hungry in Edmonton if you need to eat gluten free! Here are 6 diverse dining options in Edmonton with plenty of gluten free selections.
Photo Courtesy of Craft Beer Market

1. Narayanni’s
This South African-Indian fusion restaurant serves mouthwatering made-from-scratch foods prepared with just the right amount of a tantalizing blend of spices. All of the entrees are gluten free — as are a selection of soups, salads, appetizers, and desserts — and there is an excellent selection of vegetarian and vegan options, too.

• Narayanni’s, 10131-81 Ave., 780-756-7112, narayannis.com
• Map and reviews

2. Gluten Free Diner
Their name makes it obvious that this a welcoming spot for those needing to eat gluten free, and the food is equally no-nonsense! Enjoy favourite comfort food dishes like burgers, sandwiches, and all-day breakfast creations like pancakes and waffles. Everything is prepared with gluten free ingredients in a gluten-free facility.

• Gluten Free Diner, 10015-82 Ave., 780-757-8570, gfdiners.com
• Map and reviews

3. Noorish
Hipsters and yogis love to gather at this health-and-wellness joint, which serves up organic, fresh foods and superfood elixirs. Every dish — except for one — is gluten free and vegan, and absolutely bursts with flavour with salads, noodle bowls, and “burger” variations adorning the menu. Even carnivorous types will be satisfied going meat-free for a meal here. If you’ve saved room for dessert, don’t pass up an opportunity to try the Divine Kiwi Lime Pie. The elixir beverages are likewise addictively delicious and packed with nourishment and replenishing ingredients.

• Noorish, 8440-109 St., 780-756-6880, noorish.ca
• Map and reviews

4. Highlevel Diner
This cozy diner has extensive Celiac Breakfast and Brunch and Celiac Lunch and Dinner menus for you to indulge in their fresh, homemade comfort food. Celiacs can also enjoy weekly specials including the locally famous Ukrainian Plate on Thursdays (with gluten free pyrogy), Fish and Chips and (gluten free) Beer on Mondays, and the Sunday Night Prime Rib Rib Dinner.

• High Level Diner, 10912-88 Ave., 780-433-1317,  highleveldiner.com
• Map and reviews

5. CRAFT Beer Market
Most dishes at this beer restaurant — which are upscale twists on favourite comfort foods like burgers, pastas, flatbreads, and soups — can be prepared with gluten free breads, buns, and/or pastas to accommodate celiacs. Even better? All of their breads are made in-house, except for their brunch breads which are made at the local Popular Bakery. Quench your thirst with one of six varieties of gluten free beers, brewed in international breweries.

• CRAFT Beer Market, 10013-101A Ave., 780-424-2337,  edmonton.craftbeermarket.ca
• Map and reviews

6. Remedy Cafe

Known as the place in the city for a great mug of chai tea, there’s plenty of Indian full meal items to enjoy that can all be made with gluten free wraps, rice, or pita. Looking for something light? There’s an assortment of gluten free squares, cakes, muffins, bagels, and cookies to snack on.

• Remedy Cafe, three locations in Edmonton, remedycafe.ca