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couple travel

Travel Tip of the Week

Take it from us: travelling can test a relationship!

5 things to ask a potential travel companion:

  • what is your daily budget?
  • how much do you want to plan in advance versus just winging it?
  • do you prefer that we spend all our time together, or some time solo?
  • what type of accommodation are you envisioning?
  • what activities or places are absolute musts for you and what are you flexible about?

Give us your tips! Add a comment below or let us know on Twitter @wherecanada: #wherecanadatips.

Travel Tip of the Day

Take a break from your travel partner. It may seem odd, but if she’s into shoe shopping and he’s into touring historic sports stadiums, or vice versa—or if one of you is a go-go-go type and the other could use a nap—you may be better off doing your own thing for a while (or even a day) and meeting up later over dinner.

It’ll give you some fresh material to discuss, and if you’ve spent every waking moment together, it might just keep the peace and recharge your trip!

Meet the Traveling Canucks

Four years ago, Canadian bloggers and married couple Cameron and Nicole Wears left their jobs and set out to travel the world. They ended up on the road for over a year and visited 38 countries in 12 months in 2009. Though they started their blog, Traveling Canucks, en route, they ended up posting more after they returned.

Nicole and Cameron continue to operate their successful travel blog from their home in Vancouver and though they’ve returned to “regular” jobs post-globetrotting, they still manage to do some pretty amazing trips. As they say on their site, “We go to work every day like most people—we just choose to not sacrifice travel for work, and vice versa.” (more…)

Canada’s Aventure Couple: Deb and Dave of the Planet D

Dave and Deb at Everest Base Camp

Married couple Deb and Dave were working hard in the Toronto film industry and squeezing in the annual two-week Caribbean or European vacation when they were bitten by the adventure travel bug on a trip to Thailand in 2000. They started pursuing more adventures at home and on the road, and three years later sold their home and most of their belongings to travel Southeast Asia for eight months. (more…)

7 Tips for Travelling as a Couple—Without Killing Each Other

Photo by Ed Cilley

By Kat Tancock

It seems an idyllic scenario: you and the one you love, frolicking on sandy beaches, eating romantic meals and enjoying each other’s company day in, day out on the perfect vacation.

The truth? Perfection doesn’t exist and the stress of travel can amplify the flaws—real or imagined—in your relationship. (more…)