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children’s theatre

Hot Date: Mickey Mouse Comes to Ottawa

Disney Live: Mickey's Rockin' Road Show comes to Ottawa on Jan. 8

Jan. 8. The gang’s back together for Mickey’s Rockin’ Road Show, a live performance with all your fave Disney characters. Join Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy as they hit the highway in search of today’s top talent. As with most road trips, the crew gets into some crazy shenanigans, but things get really fun when they encounter a few familiar faces.

Calgary Kids: Cultural Activities

How to get your kids away from the TV with fun and educational programs around Calgary

By Elena Redd

If your children watch television, play video games, surf the ‘Net or use cell phones, they’re immersed in what industry insiders call 360-degree marketing. According to the Media Awareness Network, children in Canada see 3,000 commercial messages every day—stamped on toys, slipped into movies, even plastered in school hallways. The idea these commercials send is simple: you are what you buy.

While you can’t remove your children from the modern age, you can enroll them in programs that sell a very different idea: you are what you know. We’ve scoured the city and found six programs that give children hands-on experience with art, music, literature, theatre and nature—with no commercial messages. (more…)