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car rentals

Car Rental Insider: the Difference Between Economy and Compact


Is it an economy or compact? Answer: it's both (Photo: Yaris Nederland)

Ever wonder what the difference is between an economy- and compact -class vehicle when renting? The answer, it turns out, is nothing. Except maybe the price. (more…)

New Regulations (Finally) Allow Cross-Border Car Rentals from U.S.


Photo: Rebecca Brown

As of June 1 this year, Canadians will be able to rent a vehicle in the U.S. and drive it over the border to Canada thanks to a change to the Motor Vehicle Safety Act (which previously threatened Canadians attempting to transport a U.S.-owned rental across the border with seizure of the vehicle). (more…)

5 Reasons to Rent a Car on Vacation—Even If You Own One


Photo: Chris Richards

1. It may be cheaper in the long run. A study by the U.S.-based Center for Automotive Research (commissioned by Enterprise Rent-a-Car) found that when maintenance, insurance and depreciation of your vehicle are taken into account, renting can actually save you money over time, especially if your vehicle is more than five years old. (more…)

The Scoop on Saving More on Rental Cars


Photo: Rick Lovers

We’re all for smart spending when it comes to travel, and the Toronto Star‘s recent article on how to “avoid getting squished” on the road has some decent tips—and a couple head-scratchers. (more…)