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Save More on Your Next Hotel Bill


If you’ve ever paid the standard rate for a hotel room, you’re overpaying, says hotel industry veteran Robb Engen in an article on cheap hotel rates for Moneyville. (more…)

New Way for Canadians to Save on Wireless Bills in the U.S.

Photo by -bengerman

Canadians pay some of the highest roaming and long-distance fees in the world, and a quick trip abroad (or even to another province), can result in wireless-bill sticker shock. With some 18 million Canadians tripping into the U.S. each year, a service that lessens these fees is bound to be popular. (more…)

Comfort on the Cheap: 6 Hostels for Grown-Ups

HI-Lake Louise Alpine Centre hostel in Banff National Park. Photo by Simon Starr.

By Candice Walsh

The hostel scene in Canada has been growing these past few years and with all the added competition hostels have had to step up their game. In the process, they’ve realized that a good bargain doesn’t only appeal to university students on spring break or summer vacation. (more…)

5 Affordable Canadian Vacations for 2012


The Yukon is surprisingly affordable—once you get there. Photo by Jonathon Strack.

Planning on hitting the road in 2012? If you’re on a tight budget, you can still swing a pretty sweet vacation—you just need to know where to look to find the best deals.

See our five best budget-friendly vacation picks in Canada » (more…)

Taxes and Fees to Watch for When Travelling in Canada

Photo by Sharon Drummond

By Candice Walsh

You may have heard of hotel room tax, but how about a marketing fee or a liquor consumption tax? The fees and taxes you’ll face while travelling in Canada can be complicated, not least because taxes vary from province to province. (more…)

5 Tips for Free Travel from Extreme Savers

You’ve heard of the people who quit their jobs to enter contests full-time or buy $100 worth of groceries for $8 thanks to their coupon-clipping prowess.

Enter the extreme travel savers.

A CNN article this week profiled travellers—sometimes called “travel hackers”—who go to extreme lengths to get freebies like hotel stays by racking up points and miles. (more…)

Look Beyond Travel Search Engines for Cheaper Flights in Canada

Common travel search engines used in Canada include Hipmunk, Orbitz and Kayak.

By Candice Walsh

Turning to travel search engines for comparing prices on flights, car rentals and hotels is the norm these days—especially during the hoopla of holiday travel. Comparison and booking websites like Orbitz, Kayak and Hipmunk offer ways to weigh costs, layovers and duration. They can also help you book your trip quickly and painlessly.

But are you really getting the best bang for your buck? (more…)

For the Best Deals, Travel in Holiday Season “Dead Zones”

By Carissa Bluestone

With the holiday season upon us, prices for flights, car rentals and hotel rooms are climbing steadily by the day. But it’s not too late to book last-minute getaways at a reasonable cost. (more…)

Backpacker Extraordinaire Corbin Fraser

Corbin on the Jack Pine Trail, near Ottawa

After backpacking Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, Corbin Fraser was ready to settle down—or so he thought. Back home in Regina, Saskatchewan, he quickly developed itchy feet and set out to backpack across Canada.

That was in 2008. Now, Corbin is an expert backpacker, and his blog, I Backpack Canada is a wealth of information for anyone travelling with a sense of adventure and a limited budget.

He spoke to us from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he’s studying website and graphic design.


Travellers Rediscover the Bus

Photo by ChicagoGeek

By Waheeda Harris

With high prices for airfare and gas and limited options on train routes, increasingly, those who need to get to places are boarding the bus. (Though the newly revived $5.50 air and sea tariff into the US is likely not what is driving traffic to the bus, political satirist Rick Mercer is convinced otherwise.)

According to a recent article in Business Week, the “Megabus effect” has made bus travel the fastest growing way to travel in the United States. British discount bus company Megabus (affiliated with Coach Canada) entered the Canadian market two years ago after overwhelming popularity in the US and has seen a 58% rise in the past year.

Offering bus transport to destinations in Ontario, Quebec  and south of the border, Megabus found its fans with low fares and promotions like $10 round-trip tickets on its most popular route between Toronto and Montreal, $1 one-way tickets, new coaches and onboard complimentary wi-fi. Main competitor Greyhound has been quick to play catch-up, introducing new buses with wi-fi and outlets and, most notably, launching its discount BoltBus service in the US in 2008.

Many Mouths to Feed: Our 2011 Dining Guide

Whether your palate is daring or demanding, Toronto’s incredibly diverse dining scene satisfies every craving.


With the continuously growing influence of North America’s local- and slow-food movements, it’s only natural that sustainable, regionally appropriate cooking has taken hold in Toronto.

On the menus of many restaurants you’ll now find a profusion of Canadian-sourced and responsibly farmed ingredients, from Alberta’s renowned beef to East Coast seafood to vegetables harvested in Ontario’s fertile “Greenbelt.” And though simple meat and potatoes still offer us comfort on a plate, Canadian cuisine can also be very classy. (more…)

Most Pet-Friendly Airlines Revealed

Photo by Erik (HASH) Hersman

Flying with your pet can be rife with stress. Worrying about how they’ll do in their carrier or whether there’s space for them to settle in comfortably can be enough to give up on travelling together, all together.

To facilitate the process, each year Petfinder.com rates US airlines on their pet-friendly practices, and this year they’ve expanded their list to include Canadian carriers.