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Banff’s Sundance Lodge

Banff’s Sundance Lodge

Situated beside Brewster Creek and flanked by the Sundance Range, Sundance Lodge is the most accessible backcountry lodge in Banff National Park.

By Jack Newton

When the call of the wild beckons these days, cozy backcountry retreats come to mind. I guess my days of grand icefield traverses and winter camping are done. Hot meals, a comfortable bed and a soft seat beside a glowing wood stove have increasing appeal.

But I don’t want it too easy. I still revel in the sense of accomplishment that comes from earning creature comforts. So when the opportunity to make the 11.4-km (7.1-mi) trek to Banff’s Sundance Lodge presented itself, I did not hesitate.

The new bridge over Healy Creek was built after the old bridge was destroyed by the 2013 flood.

The new Healy Creek bridge was built in the aftermath of the 2013 flood.