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Gift-List Must: Backpacking Beauty Products

Dec. 12, 2015
By Morgan Kwan

Editor’s note: We’re stoked that Morgan Kwan has joined Where Canadian Rockies as a guest blogger! This Calgarian not only has an entertaining and insightful outdoors blog, but now she and her friend Andrea have their own beauty product line. Read on to meet Morgan and get inspiration for your Christmas gift ideas!


It’s not very often that you find 20 women of different backgrounds and experience levels marching up a mountain, laughing and encouraging each other to work through the fatigue. Experiences like this are at the core of Beauty In The Backcountry, my blog that strives to breakdown the intense outdoor sports stereotype and inspire people, especially women, to push themselves and give these activities a try.


Meet Moose Travel Network Guide Brian Lihou

The Moose Travel Network is a Canadian tour company that buses young and “young-at-heart” backpackers to locales throughout Canada and the U.S. for adventures like sea kayaking in Cape Breton; luge-ing in Mont Tremblant; horseback riding in Banff; and bungee jumping in Whistler.

Brian Lihou has worked for Moose Travel East as a guide since 2007. He started guiding tours in Niagara Falls and Algonquin Provincial Park and graduated to larger tours through Ontario, Quebec, the Maritimes and the U.S. He’s on the road with Moose Network tours almost nonstop between May and October and often in his “off-season” as well. (more…)

Vawn Himmelsbach and Tanya Enberg of Chic Savvy Travels

Vawn and Tanya, of Chic Savvy Travels, in Toronto

Authors and co-founders of Chic Savvy Travels: A Backpacker’s Guide for Grown-Ups, Vawn Himmelsbach and Tanya Enberg use their website as a platform to tell women (and savvy men) the world over that it’s never too late to embark on an adventure, even after exceeding the stereotypical backpacking age. (more…)

Backpacker Extraordinaire Corbin Fraser

Corbin on the Jack Pine Trail, near Ottawa

After backpacking Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, Corbin Fraser was ready to settle down—or so he thought. Back home in Regina, Saskatchewan, he quickly developed itchy feet and set out to backpack across Canada.

That was in 2008. Now, Corbin is an expert backpacker, and his blog, I Backpack Canada is a wealth of information for anyone travelling with a sense of adventure and a limited budget.

He spoke to us from Halifax, Nova Scotia, where he’s studying website and graphic design.