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airline policies

Top 5 Travel Stories of 2011

Iguazu Falls was named one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature in 2011 (#1). Photo by James Walters.

By Waheeda Harris

Which articles captured our attention in the travel world this past year? From the disappearance of Jack the Cat to the stress of a possible Air Canada strike, travellers had many stories keeping their eyes on the news: (more…)

Air Canada Lawsuit: Should Obese Passengers Pay More to Fly?

Photo by caribb

By Waheeda Harris

In July, a US Airways passenger was forced to stand during a seven-hour flight from Anchorage to Philadelphia because a 400-pound passenger took up half of his seat. US Airways acknowledged that the obese passenger should have been made to pay for two seats—but is that fair? (more…)