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Air Canada

Hot Art: Look to the Sky at Bau-Xi Photo

Jeffrey Millstein’s photo of an Air Canada Boeing 767-300

SEPTEMBER 8 TO 22  Despite what you may think of baggage fees, security screenings and microwaved food, powered flight is doubtless one of history’s signal achievements. Similarly, the vehicles that make flight possible—airplanes—are marvels of design and engineering. Jeffrey Milstein captures jets, helicopters and commercial airliners in all their finely crafted glory. Shot primarily from runways at Los Angeles International Airport and now on display at Bau-Xi Photo, the in-flight images reflect upon the rare beauty of complex technology, while demonstrating the photographer’s precise eye for proportion and symmetry.

Air Canada Takes Off on First Biofuel Flight Today


Air Canada will make its first biofuel-powered flight on an Airbus A319 (Photo: caribb)

A 50-50 mix of cooking oil and jet fuel will propel an Air Canada flight to Mexico City today, the first international flight to use the biofuel in North America. (more…)

Air Canada Beats U.S. Competitors in Satisfaction Study—WestJet Not So Much


Photo: Matt Thorpe

A study just released by marketing firm J.D. Power and Associates indicates an overall decrease in customer satisfaction with “traditional” airlines in the past year and, among other data, reveals that travellers hate first-checked-bag fees and love mobile check-in. (more…)

Air Canada Strike Strands Passengers


Photo: Matheiu Marquer

More than two dozen flights have been cancelled at Pearson International Airport in Toronto and more have been delayed following a “wildcat” strike last night by ground crew, affecting passengers heading to Canada and U.S. destinations. Toronto’s CP24 reported on Twitter (@CP24) that some flights are also cancelled and delayed at Montreal’s Trudeau Airport. (more…)

Air Canada Plagued By Labour Disputes and Aveos Bankruptcy


Photo: OZinOH

Air Canada is getting, and giving, no love lately.

The unions representing its machinists and pilots both threatened to strike in the past month, and were only prevented from doing so by federal back-to-work legislation. The airline accused pilots of calling in sick en masse last weekend to cause problems during the busy March break period, which the pilots union denied.

Air Canada Strike Just in Time for March Break?


Photo: Matheiu Marquer

A union that represents 8,600 mechanics, baggage handlers and cargo agents at Air Canada has issued a March 12 strike notice to the airline. (more…)

Air Canada’s New 787 Dreamliner Jet: A Photo Tour


Air Canada's Dreamliner (Photo: David Pike)

When was the last time you heard a commercial aircraft described as sexy? Probably pretty recently if you’ve been following the sleek, high-tech Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Even books have been written about this $200 million aircraft.

So we were a bit jealous that our friends over at TorontoLife.com got to take a tour of Air Canada’s new Dreamliner, but we’ll refer you to their fab slideshow nonetheless. (more…)

WestJet Will Launch Regional Airline in 2013

Photo by Richard Eriksson

In a landslide vote yesterday, WestJet employees approved an initiative to launch a regional airline making short-haul flights to small cities and towns in Canada, beginning in 2013. Ninety-one per cent of employees were in favour of the move. (more…)

WestJet Considers Launching a New Low-Cost, Regional Airline

Photo by Martin Cathrae

WestJet announced Monday that it is considering starting a low-cost airline with regional flights to smaller towns and cities across Canada as early as 2013. A Toronto Star article suggests that destinations could include British Columbia’s Cranbrook, Prince Rupert and Fort St. John; Brandon and Thompson in Manitoba; and in Ontario, Sudbury, Sarnia and Timmins. (more…)

Air Canada Lawsuit: Should Obese Passengers Pay More to Fly?

Photo by caribb

By Waheeda Harris

In July, a US Airways passenger was forced to stand during a seven-hour flight from Anchorage to Philadelphia because a 400-pound passenger took up half of his seat. US Airways acknowledged that the obese passenger should have been made to pay for two seats—but is that fair? (more…)

Preferred Seating on Airlines: the Joke’s on the Customer

You'll pay more for bulkhead seating on some flights. (Photo by caribb)

An article yesterday by Peter Greenberg, travel editor for CBS News, and Scott McCartney, the Wall Street Journal’s airline industry reporter, lambasted the preferred seating plans many airlines are employing these days.


Labour Board Halts Air Canada Strike

Photo by BriYYZ

The Air Canada flight attendants union (CUPE) was forced to cancel a planned strike yesterday after Labour Minister Lisa Raitt requested that the Canada Industrial Relations Board review the union’s contract dispute. Until the review is complete, Air Canada employees are prohibited from striking by the federal labour board. (more…)