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Take a look at the Canadian Rockies

Our first ever magazine cover contest was a smashing success! We received an incredible 239 submissions from 29 photographers. After we chose our cover (and our Last Look on the final page by Bryce Brown –see below), we reached out to everyone who submitted to the contest and asked if they would allow us to showcase some of their work. Read on to see a few of our favourite entries and you’ll understand just how hard our selection for the cover photo really was!

Bryce Brown



Kahli Hindmarsh




Pam Jenks



Elnaz Mansouri




Leslie Price




Brad Orr



Tyler Parker


Kyla Black




Mike Hopkins





Of course this list only scratches the surface of the work of these photographers and all of the incredible photography here in the Canadian Rockies. If you are dying to see more mountains, sunsets, skies and wildlife (who isn’t?) we’ve got you covered online (@whererockies)!

Thank you to everyone who submitted and keep an eye out for future contests!

How to Watch Live Feeds of Wildlife Cams for Free

Brown bear portrait II

Brown bear portrait (Photo: Tambako the Jaguar)

It is amazing what humankind can overcome with the click of a button these days. What was once an extremely uncommon occurrence—being able to witness magnificent wildlife roaming their natural habitat—has just became a lot easier. Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can head to Explore.org, where over 15 live feed cameras of animals can be seen for free. These cameras bring viewers footage of magnificent creatures, landscapes and other interesting bits of nature that they may have never seen otherwise, including views of polar bears roaming, brown bears fishing for salmon, beluga migrations, the inner workings of a beehive as well as natural occurrences like the Northern Lights and the changing leaves of autumn. We recommend that you check out the camera feeds, but with a warning: once you start watching, you may not be able to stop.

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Canada’s 10 Best Island Holiday Destinations
Wildlife Watching Tips
HOTEL INSIDER: Sonora Resort

12 Inspiring Canadian Helicopter Tours


Mont Tremblant: One of our 12 inspiring helicopter tours (Photo: Tremblant Activity Centre)

Canada’s winding rivers, soaring cliffs, expansive fields and soaring skyscrapers can be seen from a hiking trail or a city sidewalk, but for a truly stunning panoramic view—to lose yourself in Canada’s beauty and awe-inspiring vistas—you must view it from above. We’ve compiled some of our favourite Canadian helicopter tours below—don’t miss these while you’re travelling!

Start the slideshow of inspiring Canadian helicopter tours » 

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10 Tips for Avoiding Mosquito Bites on Your Summer Vacation


Sunset is prime time for mosquito attacks (Photo: phlchpp)

If there is one Canadian summer tradition we could go without, it’s the abundance of mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects that seem determined to drive us crazy, or send us indoors.

Chances are you’ve tried a few different solutions for dealing with these blood-thirsty insects. If mosquitos find your blood to irresistible, don’t give up yet, as here are 10 great tips for avoiding being bitten this summer. (more…)

Canada’s Top Cycling Trails


Calgary’s Bow River Pathway (Photo: Banff Lake Louise Tourism/Paul Zizka)

Across the country, urban cycling lanes cut through picturesque parks with streams shaded by dense foliage, rural routes meander into tiny towns filled with historic charm, and rugged wilderness roads wind past habitats where black bears, moose, elk, deer and cougars roam.

So get spinning this summer on Canada’s top cycling trails! (more…)

MAP: Our Guide to 16 of Muskoka’s Best Nature Trails and Hiking Destinations


View Muskoka Trails: Pathways to Fresh Air and Fun in a larger map

Nature takes centre stage in Muskoka with daily performances by 250 species of birds, 50 types of mammals and 25 species of amphibians. Turn off the iPod and open your ears to Muskoka’s natural sounds by hiking, biking, canoeing and kayaking through the region National Geographic Traveler selected selected as one of the top 20 “Best Trips of the World” for 2012. No gas required and no stress allowed.

Here, we’ve mapped some of our favourite trails for you to explore (zoom in close to see all the smaller trails).

10 Canadian Farm-Stay and Ranch Vacations


Ranch vacations in Canada: Reesor Ranch (Photo: Thomas Sbampato/Reesor Ranch)

Want to get closer to nature on your next vacation? Try one of these ten farm-stay or ranch holidays to learn more about where food comes from, teach kids about animals, eat the farm-freshest breakfast of your life and even improve upon your gardening skills.

Start the slideshow of farm-stay and ranch vacations »

Travel Tuesday Q&A with Marc Télio of Entrée Destinations

Marc Télio on a polar-bear expedition in Canada last year.

Native Montrealer Marc Télio was just 23 when he opened a travel company specializing in high-end trips to Canada and Alaska. Seventeen years later Entrée Destinations continues to offer travelers the highest standard in service and unforgettable experiences, like helicoptering into a remote lodge in Manitoba for a polar bear photo safari or cruising British Columbia’s Gulf Islands by yacht. For some of us, these spectacular tours will be filed under “Canadian inspiration”, since they don’t come cheap. But in life and in travel, as Marc says, you get what you pay for.